Fresh seafood transportation method

1. Live crab transportation method 1) Short-distance transportation: It can be transported with water soaked in Pu. During transport, avoid exposure to pressure and exposure. 2) Long-distance transportation: It is recommended to dress with strict braids. Pick a layer of mud at the bottom of the ravioli, put some sesame seeds and broken eggs, and then place the live crabs only one at a time, and cover them with shading. If put in some water-absorbing sponge or foam in the crab group, the effect is better, and the crab can generally survive for 4 to 5 days. 2. Living shrimp transport method The pond prawn is put into the cooling pool to slowly cool the pool water to 12 degrees to 14 degrees, so that it is only barely active until the body color is reddish, and then the live prawn is removed and packed. With this method, pairs are generally viable for 3 to 5 days. 3, live turtle transport law 1) short-distance transport: You can use Pu bag attire method, with a line 0.5 meters high urn separated into two layers, and layered with wet Pu bag stamping shipment, each layer can live turtles 5 ~ 7.5 kg. 2) Long-distance transportation: The barrels can be capped and shipped. The bottom of the barrel should be padded with 1 layer of yellow sand containing moisture (avoid soaking in water). In the summer, mosquitoes must be bitten, and straw must be kept warm in the winter. 4, live muddy transport method 1) short-distance transport: a few hours of short-distance transport, nylon textile bags and other relatively solid bags can be shipped, but to be wet, muddy stack thickness does not exceed 30 cm. 2) Long-distance transportation: If you use a barrel to cover the shipment, you must inject water that is higher than the fish body, then add a small amount of ginger and scattered eggs, and change the water in time to ensure that it can be transported for many days. If it is placed in a 5 degree environment, it is more conducive to long-distance transportation. 5, live squid transport method 1) short-distance transport: a few hours of short-distance transport, water can be used to fully wet the fish body, into the wet Pu package and tie, and then into the lid of the fish, each can be Accommodates 10 kg. 2) Long-distance transport: If you can use wood to transport, you can add 10 cm of water higher than the fish in the bucket, and keep it cool, and then put a small amount of loach or ginger, still fresh in a week. 6. The live fish transport method puts the fish into water filled with 50% mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen, and the live fish will be in a coma. Then, “fish drunk” is removed from the water and put into plastic bags or boxes or boxes for transportation, so that the fish can sleep for nearly 40 hours. After reaching the goal, put it in clear water and wake up in just a few minutes.

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