Freshwater fish seasoned fillets

1, the choice of materials: more than 1 kilogram of fresh or frozen eel, eel, grass carp or eel can be. Scrape scales, guts, and heads to wash bloody black membranes.
2, open film: cut off pectoral fins, usually by the head and shoulders knife under the skin open sheets, along the spine ribs on the upper layer of open spur (belly meat is not open), meat thickness 2 mm. Leaving big spurs for his use.
3, inspection film: the open with large spurs, red meat, black film, impurities of the meat pick out, keep the fish clean.
4. Rinsing: Freshwater fillets contain more blood and must be washed. Rinsing is the key to improving the quality of dried fish slices. The commonly used method is to load the fish into the bowl, dip the bowl into the rinse tank, rinse it, and remove the drain.
5. Seasoning: The formula of seasoning liquid is: 5%-6% of white sugar, 1.8%-2% of refined salt, 1.2% of monosodium glutamate, 1%-1.5% of rice wine. The drained fish fillets were added to the seasoning liquid according to the ratio, permeated for 1.5 hours, and often mixed. Seasoning temperature is controlled at about 15°C.
6, the film: the fish placed evenly on the nylon mesh, placed when the film and the film spacing should be close, the fish texture to be basically similar.
7. Drying and exploding films: drying with hot air in drying tunnel, when the temperature of fish frying is not higher than 35°C, bake it to the outside of drying tunnel for half an hour, park it for 2 hours or so, make the water inside the fillet natural Spread out. Then move into the drying tunnel. The dried fish pieces are peeled off from the mesh, which means that they have a green sheet.
8. Baking: Before baking, sprinkle a proper amount of water on the green sheet to prevent scorching of the fish fillet. Then, lay the sliver fish skin down on the conveyor belt of the baking machine. The baking temperature should be about 180°C. Time 1-2 minutes.
9. Rolling and loosening: After baking, the fish fillets are rolled by the mill to obtain the cooked fish fillets. Rolling can only be carried out in the vertical direction of the fish fiber rolling, generally requires secondary pull-out, so that the fish muscle fiber tissue loose and uniform, the area extension increases. Manually remove the fish and pick out the remaining bone spurs.
The product is yellow-white in color and slightly yellowish on the edges. Fish fillets are flat and well-shaped, with fleshy and chewy meat. The taste is delicious, salty and sweet, and it has a unique flavor of grilled freshwater fish.