Fruit and vegetable pest control pesticide reduction control

This technology mainly uses agricultural measures, physical trapping, the use of natural enemies, biological pesticides, and high-efficiency and low-toxicity chemical pesticides to effectively control the occurrence of pests and diseases in fruit and vegetable fields.

1. Agricultural measures. 1 Orchard combined with winter pruning, cut pests and branches, diseased fruit and dried stamens. Thoroughly scrape old skin, skins, and tumors. Remove litter on the ground, weeds, diseased skin, cover wheatgrass or crop stalks. 2 The vegetable field should be rotated properly to remove the stubble and rotten leaves, disease and insect remnants and weeds of the former crop, and increase organic fertilizer. Intertillage or irrigation.

2. Protective vegetable straw reactor technology. Dig a pool of 600-700 centimeters long, 110-120 centimeters wide, and 100-120 centimeters deep from the wall 50 to 60 centimeters away from the wall of the entrance gable on the greenhouse. Leave 505,060 centimeters of air at 120 centimeters from the bottom of the pool. At the exit of the road, a base of a CO2 switch with an inner diameter of 45 cm was built. The corn stalks are first spread on the storage tank, then watered and the strains are seeded. A total of four layers. The ratio of bacteria species, straw, and water is 1:500 to 750:750 to 1500. It is sealed and the two ends are inserted into hollow tubes. Each shed (50 meters and 8 meters) uses 1.5 to 2 tons of straw once, plus 60 days, and generally two times. 15 days replenishment once. CO2 switches are installed on the base of the CO2 switch. The boot time depends on the growing period of the crop. The leaching solution in the storage tank can be used for irrigating and spraying. Irrigate each time 250-300 ml per plant, usually irrigation 2 or 3 times, the filtered leachate can spray, spray 15 to 20 days.

3. Physical measures. 1 Insect killers trap adult insects. The main trap is to kill golden-winged moths, beet armyworms, and underground pests. A lamp can control 40 ~ 60 acres, depending on the height of crop vegetables, height 1.2 ~ 3 meters is appropriate. 2 New-type sex traps to kill male moths: Select different lures according to the pest species, control 3 to 5 mu for each trap, and change the lure for 1 to 3 months. When pests occur, they will be 3 to 5 on the moth peak day. Within days, take other preventive measures. 3 swatch traps kill whitefly, aphids, spotted lilies and so on. According to the traits of pests, colored hard plates or commodity swatches shall be hung in the fields, 30-40 pieces per acre, and 7-10 days of heavy oil. There are yellow boards, blue boards and so on. 4 Solar disinfection control protects soil-borne pests. Add lime nitrogen, straw and water to sterilize.

4. Biological control. Recommended pharmaceuticals: 0.5% azadirachtin EC 800 ~ 100 times solution; Austria Green 1 700 ~ 1000 times; 5% pyrethrin EC 1000 ~ 1500 times; 1.8% abamectin EC 3000 ~ 5000 times solution , Wuyimycin, bacteria, grams of grams grams, grams of bacteria Kang and other conventional spray.

5. Chemical control. Use high-efficiency and low-toxicity chemical pesticides, such as 10% to eliminate 1500 times of EC and 5% of cypermethrin 1000 times.

6. New spray equipment. Select guards and other new types of medical equipment to avoid running leaks.

7. Suitable to promote the region. Shandong Province, fruit trees, vegetable growing areas.

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