Fruit tree winter cut flower bud leaves buds carefully

First, distinguish flower buds, buds differentiate flower buds, leaf buds should be identified from the external shape and internal structure of buds in two aspects. The flower buds are full of plums and buds, with a rounded top, a large scale and a bright, cohesive, hard-to-squeeze when squeezed. There are fewer hairs, darker colors, and prominent ridges. The neck slenderly curls to the side, and the leaf marks are prominently squatting. After peeling the scales, a small green ball is in the middle. The leaf buds are smaller, with a slender tip, small scales, loose cooing and dark coat. After peeling off the scales, there are several needle-shaped green tines in the middle. Second, look at the flower pruning The purpose of flower pruning is to accurately determine the number and quality of flower buds, and make targeted adjustments to avoid the formation of size years. For trees that have grown up in size, they should be meticulously and reasonably pruned according to their strength. For large-year trees with more flowers and good shoot quality, more flower buds on some medium and long fruiting branches should be cut off to achieve the purpose of flower exchange, reduce the amount of fruit in the current year, and meet the nutrient requirements for fruit growth and flower bud formation. . In the year when the results of the small year are insufficient, the preservation of the flowers should be the main reason, even if the flowers are left, the output of the year will be ensured. However, for weak trees with more flowers, we must cut off some of the flower buds on the weak branches, leaving only the flower buds on the strong branches.

In the kitchen, mushrooms are usually fried, roasted, boiled or fried in various dishes to produce a variety of flavors. However, all of these techniques require the use of butter or oil, which ultimately increases their fat value, which increases the amount of cholesterol consumed. However, like vegetables, mushrooms are cholesterol-free foods. Edible mushrooms in edible mushrooms have a cholesterol-lowering effect, probably due to dietary fiber such as beta-glucan, which may increase intestinal motility and reduce the absorption of bile acids and cholesterol.

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