Frying fish in spring is at the same time

The spring water temperature is appropriate. Grasping fry and fingerlings can lay a solid foundation for the harvest of the year. In order to ensure the survival rate and growth rate of fry and fingerlings, disinfection and fertilizer application in clear ponds are the two most important aspects in the seedlings and seedling ponds.

Clearance of clear ponds: Before putting fry and fingerlings on fish, dry pond water should be removed to remove debris, remove excess silt, level the bottom of the pond, repair and reinforce the pond foundation, and clear the irrigation and drainage ditches. Disperse evenly with quick lime powder 50 to 100 kg per mu. At the bottom of the pond and on the foundation of the pond, add 4 to 6 cm deep clean water. The next day, use a long handle to mix the mud and lime slurry at the bottom of the pool to give full play to the disinfection of lime. If fish pond water is not clean, you must use a fine pull net to clean the wild fish, and then press the ratio of 1 meter per acre plus quick lime 75 to 100 kg, add water to dissolve Quanchiposa. This will not only prevent fish diseases, but also increase pond water fertility and accelerate the growth of fish food organisms.

Fertilization and cultivation of water: The amount of fertilizer is determined according to the water quality. Generally, 80-100 kg of organic fertilizer is fully applied after each mu of fish ponds. The water quality should be kept yellow-brown or yellow-green, and the transparency should be about 30 cm. Fertilization can be used to fertilize the water quality, ensure that there are enough palatability feeds after fry and fingerlings.

The traditional method is generally to disinfect 10~15 days before the fry and fingerlings in the pond, and to apply organic fertilizer to fertilize the water 3 to 7 days before the bottom pond. Although this method can ensure adequate palatability of feed after the seedling and seed pond, Due to the interval of several days from disinfection to fertilization, the role of the drug has basically disappeared, and there are many pathogens in the organic fertilizer, which makes the disinfection of clear ponds lose their significance and cannot effectively prevent the occurrence of fish diseases. Therefore, disinfection and fertilizer should simultaneously get on.

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