Fully automatic filter integrity tester manual

HK-1 automatic filter integrity tester

HK-1 type filter integrity tester is suitable for the integrity test of the filter, judging whether the filter is in good condition, whether the filter material is damaged or not, and whether the selected filter material has the filter accuracy meets the requirements to ensure the filter can Run as required.

The HK-1 tester is an automatic tester with microcomputer control. It uses the classic bubble point method and the pressure hold method (derived method of diffusion flow method) to test the integrity of the filter automatically. The test accuracy is high and the operation is high. Simple and convenient, and all test procedures are carried out upstream of the filter, no pollution to the downstream of the filter, especially suitable for the detection of sterilization filters.
Filter testers are widely used in the pharmaceutical, bioengineering, food and beverage, microelectronics and other industries, and are also routine instruments for filter manufacturers to perform filter testing.
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