Fur skins

Skin-removal is the most important link in the production of fur animals. A well-grown animal can adversely affect the value and quality of fur if it is not properly skinned. Therefore, peeling must be strictly carried out according to the quality requirements of the leather.

1, take time

Most of the animals reared in captivity are skinned after winter, that is, in late November, but the specific time depends on the degree of maturity. The signs of mature fur are: rich plush hair, erect hair, coat, flexible hair, tail hair fluffy, when the body rotates, a "crack" appears in the neck and side of the body, with a mouth to open the plush, visible pink Color or white skin.

2, executed

The selection of method of execution of fur animals should be done with utmost speed, without affecting the quality of fur and the principle of economical application. Commonly used electric shock method, folding neck method (cervical vertebra dislocation method), heart injection air method, drug killing method and asphyxiation method. It is recommended that electric shock be adopted gradually. Introduce several methods of execution that are more in line with animal welfare:

1) Drug Killing

The commonly used muscle relaxant silylimin (succinylcholine chloride) was sacrificed at a dose of 0.5 to 0.75 mg/kg body weight, subcutaneously or intramuscularly. 3 to 5 minutes after the injection died. Before the death, the animals did not suffer and did not struggle, so they did not damage or contaminate the fur. The drug in the body is not toxic and does not affect the use of the body.

2) Heart injection air method

One person fixes the fox with both hands, and the surgeon holds the heart position of the fox-thoracic cavity with his left hand and the syringe with his right hand, and acupunctures the heart where the heart beats most clearly. For example, see the blood flow from the fox heart to the needle and immediately inject 10-20 ml of air. The fox died quickly due to the damaged heart valve.

3) Electric shock method

Ordinary electric shock death method will be connected to the 220 volt (positive electrode) of the shocker metal rod inserted into the anus of the fox, until the fox claw or lips kiss the ground, turn on the power, the fox immediately stiff, 5 to 10 seconds of electric shock death. This method is non-polluting and does not damage the fur

3, peeling

The peeling methods of fur animals mainly include cylinder type, stocking type and sheet type. The spare parts mainly include picking knives, scissors, hard grain sawdust of small grain size or crushed corn kernels, disabling the head of the drum or turpentine sawdust. According to the requirements of the product skin, first remove the remaining parts, such as retaining the hind limbs of water, cutting off the forelimbs on the palms of the palms, cutting off the wrists of all the limbs, and keeping the limbs of the fox. The main peeling methods are:

1) Cylindrical peeling method

First open the hind limbs and the tail, and then start peeling off the skin from the back.

1 Provocation: You can pick the tail or pick the hind legs first. Pick the tail and fix the two hind legs. Pick the knife at the midline of the abdomen near the tip of the tail to stir up the posterior edge of the anus. Fix the hind limbs and apply the knife to the palm of the first hind limb. The anus 1 cm, folded to the anus and the posterior edge of the opening convergence. Exchange the two hind legs, the same way to pick the back edge of the anus. Finally, pick the turning points of the two hind legs to remove the small triangle skin at the anus. Can also be provoked by the hind limbs skin, picking the same as above, and then by the two hind limbs pick knife turn at the intersection of the anus trailing point to the tail tip along the midline of the abdomen and pick a section, can be directly drawn.

3 Skinning: After extracting the coccyx, fix the coccyx and peel it backwards and forwards. When peeling the hind limb, insert the finger between the skin and flesh of the hind leg first. Carefully peel off the hind leg skin and keep the hind limbs peeled to the metacarpal. The last section of the phalanges was cut with scissors to ensure that the hind limbs were fully clawed. After the exfoliation of the hind limbs, the skin is turned and peeled by hand, and the male beast must be cut off to cut off the penis in time to avoid tearing the skin. Peel off to the forelimb, pull it out directly, and leave the stripping method on the hind limb. When the head is peeled off, the left hand grips the skin, and the right hand uses the pick knife at the base of the ear base and the base of the eyelid. Nose is attached to the periosteum. The eyelid and the upper and lower jaws are carefully cut off from the junction of the flesh, so that the ears, eyes and nose and lip are intact, and a complete skin can be obtained. Never cut your ears or eyes, or cut your nose or lips, as this will affect their quality. Artificially-fed fur fleas, foxes, cockroaches, and jaundice are often peeled off by this method.

2) Socks tube peeling method

Peel back from the head, hook the upper jaw with a hook, hang it up, cut it along the lip joint with a pick knife, separate the flesh, use a pull-slip method, gradually peel from head to tail, and strip the head and four limbs with a cylindrical skin. Method, finally cut the junction between the anus and rectum, pull out the coccyx, turn the tail from the anus and turn it into a complete skin. This method is suitable for small, high value fur

3) Flaking method

First along the ventral midline, straight from the underarm opening to the end of the tail, and then cut across the front and rear limbs, peeling out a flaky skin. This method is widely used in large animals, hairy rats, nutria are also used to peel.

4, skinning matters

1) It is forbidden to stack animals after they are killed to prevent hot hair removal.

2) When the body is still skinned at a certain temperature, it is better to peel it off. The zombie is difficult to peel off, and the peeling can be buried under the snow. The temperature is -10°C to 1°C.

3) The entire process should not be covered by the skin. Try to avoid spilling blood and contaminating the skin. When you spill your blood, wash it with sawdust.

4) In order to ensure that the skin is intact, peeling should be avoided when cutting skin or leaving residual meat, toe (finger) bone and coccyx on the skin. The operator must master the skin-peening technology and strictly follow the requirements.

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