Fuso to autumn defense budding winter defense defoliation

Families tend to support hibiscus, often falling in late autumn, falling leaves in winter, and some even die in the spring. If you can grasp its habits, after careful care, buds and fallen leaves can be avoided.

Fuso hi light, hi warm and moist environment, not frost-resistant, generally around the equinox, before the cold dew, should be moved into the room, placed in a sunny ventilation place. In order to increase its lighting time, you can choose the wind and warm day at noon to move the potted plants to outdoor sun. If the light is insufficient, the existing buds will be wilting and the leaves will be yellow and fall off. During the winter, adjust the position frequently and keep it at 15-22°C. If the temperature is too high, the branches and leaves are long and consume nutrients. The growth of spring will not thrive. If the temperature is lower than 10°C and the temperature difference between day and night will change, the old and new leaves will be completely defrosted; if it is below 5°C, it will be frosted. Spring is not easy to turn green.

In the long winter, the pot soil should be kept at a humidity of 30%. Every thirty-five days, the leaf surface is sprayed with clean water close to the room temperature, which can increase the humidity, reduce the dust, and increase the ornamental value. Due to the slow growth in winter, it is not suitable for watering a lot. If there is too much water, the roots are easily rotted, causing not only fallen leaves but also death.

Hibiscus hi fertilizer, often follow the application of cooked cake water, hemp sauce, fish sauce water, chicken duck dung, bone meal and other liquid fertilizer, promote its large and multi-flowering. However, after the autumn, the application of nitrogen fertilizers was stopped, and more phosphorus and potassium organic fertilizers were applied. Before spraying, 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate was sprayed for 2 to 3 times, which had a significant effect on preventing buds and leaves. Generally stop fertilizing in winter, such as room temperature, light and other conditions can adapt to flowering, can be applied to a moderate amount of thin liquid fertilizer, nutrient-rich growth will not decline, may flower as usual.

Fu Sang-resistant pruning, Yi Mengsheng. Before entering the room, plastic scissors should be used to remove leggy branches, weak branches and internal litchi, so as to reduce the consumption of nutrients. In the northern region, it is necessary to cut it again, and it will sprout more in the following year. Fusang is a positive plant. In the winter, it needs to meet the light for 4 hours. The pot should not be placed in the corner of the interior wall. Because the air is thin and the light is low, it is extremely unfavorable to its growth. This needs attention.

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