Garlic round spotted coccidial control

The main damage garlic.
(1) Morphological characteristics Adults: about 1 mm in length, nearly spherical, purple-black, soft, with 1 pair of eyes and tentacles on the head, chewing mouth device, nearly spherical abdomen, and advanced bouncing device on the posterior abdomen. Bounce is very fast. Nymphs: Morphology similar to adults.

(2) Occurrence: The pests are mostly clustered in humic soils in low-lying wetlands and adults and nymphs overwinter under clods. Cold resistance is strong. When the temperature rises to about 10°C, it begins to be damaged. Generally, it is clustered on the lower part of the garlic seedlings. It mainly feeds on the leaves of the front side of the garlic and first eats the leaves on the tip of the leaf. Holes, then feed on the base of the leaf. When the damage is severe, there are tens or even hundreds of insects on each damaged garlic seedling. The leaves will be eaten away, leaving only the veins, and finally the veins will dry up, resulting in the death of the entire garlic seedlings, resulting in the lack of seedlings.

(3) Control methods 1 Agricultural control.
(a) Rotate the land and deepen the land to eliminate the source of overwintering insects;
(b) Use a well-decomposed organic fertilizer as a base fertilizer, appropriately control the irrigation, strengthen soil conservation, and prevent the surface of the soil from excessively wet and harden.
2 Pesticide control. In the beginning of the disaster, spray 80% of dichlorvos 1000 times per 667 square meters. Spray the lower leaves of the plants and the ground around the plants to kill the adults and nymphs.

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