Glass crispy celery

Characteristic characteristics The variety is a single plant selection variety, better than ordinary glass crispy celery disease resistance, high yield, high quality. Plant growth is strong, plant height up to 90 cm, leaves green and bright. Yellow and green petiole, solid, less fiber, fresh and crisp texture. Resistance to lodging and lodging, wide adaptability, large potential for yield increase, high yield, heat and storage, suitable for four-season cultivation.

Non-sterile Medical Washed Abdominal Pad + Cotton Loop

Structure and composition: It is made of 100% Cotton Gauze, cotton tape, X-ray or X-ray film after degreasing, bleaching, drying, processing, cutting, folding, sewing and washing.


Product performance: White, soft, non-toxic, odorless, non-fluorescent, no oil spots, no whiskers, no hair corners, no wrinkles or debris adhesion, and has good water absorption performance.


Model specifications: Non-sterile type, washed. The color is mainly white, supplemented by blue and green. Specifications are divided into 30 * 30CM-4 / 6/8/12, 45 * 45-4 / 6/8/12, 50 * 50-4 / 6/8/12, 30 * 40/40 * 45, etc. , with or without belt; with or without light, can be sewn based on different requirements.


Packing: 50 / 100PE bag, 5 layers double corrugated kraft paper box.


Scope of application: It is used for one-time use by medical institutions for surgery or protection. 

Non-sterile Medical Washed Abdominal Pad + Cotton Loop

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