Golden Baby Algae Fertilizer (Four aspects)

Golden Baby Algae Fertilizer (Four aspects)
Algae fertilizer has a great role in the cultivation of crops, for example, the microbial growth of the golden seaweed seaweed bacteria mainly through the function of nitrogen fixation, phosphate decomposing potassium, activating the soil, so that the crop roots around the formation of a particularly favorable micro-ecological environment. The golden seaweed algae microbial fertilizer promotes the development of the plant's roots, enhances the ability of crops to resist salinity and drought, resists drought and resists pods, promotes the absorption and utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium, iron, manganese and other nutrients by crops, and regulates the pH value of the soil to make it acidic. Or the alkaline soil tends to be neutral; it can enhance the crop's resistance to common high-risk diseases such as withering, yellowing, standing and tripping.
Mainly reflected in the ecological effects and economic benefits, take the golden baby algae microbial fertilizer for:
1, increase production. Under equal cost conditions, economic crops can increase production and income by more than 10-20%, and greenhouses have higher protection areas. These are the results of functional microbes.
2. Improve quality. It can greatly improve the biological properties and commercial performance of crops. For example, it can increase the vitamin C content of tomato, increase the sugar content of watermelon by 10-15%, greatly improve the taste and flavor quality, shorten the growth period, provide morning market, extend the shelf life and shelf life. Period and so on.
3, reduce costs and increase efficiency. It can eliminate compaction, resist disease, resist reversal and stress, greatly increase the utilization rate of fertilizers, reduce the amount of pesticides, and reduce the dosage of chemical fertilizers from 30% to 50% while reducing the risk of pesticide residues and heavy metals.
4, clean and sanitary. Jinbao Seaweed Microorganism Microbial fertilizer is small, light weight, clean and hygienic, and easy to use. It is a truly green microbial product. Details can visit the website or consult.

The DHS system is designed to provide strong and stable internal fixation of a variety of intertrochanteric, subtrochanteric and basilar neck fractures. The plate including stainless steel and titanium model. The DHS plates have a low-profile design, reducing the risk of trochanteric bursits.

The low-profile design reduces the risk of iliotibial band irritation(distal femoral fractures) and trochanteric bursitis(subtrochanteric fractures)

The DCS plates are available with 6 to 16 holes , for varied clinical situations. the DHS/DCS lag screw is available in 50mm to 145mm lengths. The DHS/DCS compression screw can be used for additional compression; only one size compression screw is needed.


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