Golf Course Management Assistant

The management assistant of the golf course is healthy, green, and bright green. People are concerned about the golf course lawn. The growth rate and economic output are not important. Therefore, it is best to use microbial fertilizers and organic fertilizers in order to finally achieve plant health and environmental health. Both human health are happy. Microbial bacterial fertilizer contains a variety of highly effective and beneficial microflora such as Bacillus cereus and Bacillus japonicus. It can use its own "organs" (cells) to fix and transform nitrogen in the air to form "natural nitrogen fertilizer" and activate it. And decomposition of insoluble phosphorus and potassium minerals in the soil to form “natural biological phosphorus and potassium fertilizers” for the absorption and utilization of flowers and seedlings, fruits and vegetables, and a large number of hormones, plant growth regulators and traces produced during microbial fermentation and decomposition. Elements, can effectively stimulate the growth and development of flower seedlings, so that the flowers need a comprehensive nutrition, and thus "good health." In addition, "functional bacteria" in microbial fertilizers (similar to trained "police dogs" and "goats" in dogs) have been named because of their unique functions of "fixing nitrogen," "solubilizing phosphorus," and "releasing potassium." Produce a large number of metabolites that can stimulate the growth and development of plants. At the same time, beneficial bacteria own dominant populations are breeding with “overwhelming advantages”, so that harmful bacteria can hardly obtain nutrition and thus cannot survive and multiply, so that “bacteria (probiotics) can be used”. System (inhibition) bacteria (harmful bacteria) ", against the invasion of pathogens, play a role in the prevention and control of pests and diseases, which is one of the important reasons for the special disease of flowers and seedlings. At the same time, it also has the function of keeping water and drought.

Bagging Scale sytem

Bagging Scale System is suitable for packing open-mouth bags, after filling the material, the system will sew or seal the bags. It has a widely filling weight ranging depend on the customer`s request and weighting is usually used in a complete plant, to pack the cleaned seeds. It has an ideal weighing system by adopting advanced microelectronic technologies; it provides perfect control and management of the weighing and packing process.

It's suitable of packing the granule materiel, such as the seed, agricultural product and chemical etc.



     High calculating precision, rapid packaging speed, stable function, easy operation.

     Adopt advanced techniques on control instrument, sensor, and pneumatic components.

     Advanced functions: automatic correction, error alarm, automatic error detection.

     All components which have direct contact with bagging materials are made from stainless steel.

Bagging Scale System

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