Goose fatty liver extraction and processing technology

Goose liver is a precious food, in addition to the aforementioned various factors, the influence of processing technology can not be ignored, to take specific processing methods in order to get the most high-quality fatty liver.
(1) Liver goose slaughter liver
1) slaughter. The slaughtering of fatty liver goose is the same as that of meat goose. It is worth noting that the bloodletting time requires 5 to 10 minutes to ensure full bloodletting. The temperature of the scalding water should not be too high. The scalding time should be about 3 minutes. It should not be too long. Plucking should not use hair removal machines. It is only suitable for hand pulling.
2) Plucking. The whole process of slaughtering should be carried out with care and gentleness, and the chest and abdomen of the goose must not be squeezed, nor can it be squeezed and piled on each other. The most basic requirement is not due to incomplete bloodletting, prolonged high temperature scalding, extrusion and stacking thus affecting the quality of fatty liver.
3) Pre-cooling. The carcasses are washed and the abdomen is placed on a layered metal rack. Each layer can be discharged with 5 to 7 gooses, drained and pushed into the pre-cooling room at a temperature of 0-4°C, cooled and parked for 18 hours. The fat condenses and the viscera hardens to prevent the fat-containing fatty liver from being damaged.
4) Debriefing. The operating room temperature is most suitable for about 4 ~ 6 °C to maintain cleanliness. Place the goose carcass on the caterpillar and place it on the operating table with the chest and abdomen upside down. The deafnesser presses the corpus callosum on his left hand and cuts the knife with his right hand, and he can use the transverse, longitudinal and open chest methods to open the chest and abdomen cavity to expose the internal organs.
5) Take the liver. The viscera was separated from the abdominal cavity of the corpus callosum with a knife. The liver was inserted into the abdomen to gently support the liver, and the connecting part of the liver and the organ was slowly and carefully separated. The most important thing is to maintain the integrity of the liver and the gallbladder is not broken. Once the gallbladder is broken, flush the bile with cold water until it is clean.
6) The whole holiday. Use a knife to remove the green exudates attached to the fatty liver under the nerve fibers, connective tissue, and gallbladder. Then remove the stagnant blood, bleeding, or damaged parts of the liver, and remove the remaining fat from the liver. Rinse with clean water. Soak the fatty liver in 1% saline for 10 minutes, remove the drain, and then dry the surface of the liver with a clean cloth, weigh, and grade.

Rice soup is also called rice oil. It is a layer of porridge oil that is condensed on the pot when it is served with fine rice porridge or dried rice. Rice soup is sweet and sweet, it can nourish yin and have a good nourishing effect.
The best rice soup should be made with the unsalted rice and the aleurone layer. The nutrition and health care function will be the strongest. With the current refined rice, the effect will not be obvious, especially after the panning. It`s even less nutritious.

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