Gosling rearing

Goose physique is weak, especially goslings before 7 days old, poor adaptability to the environment. Therefore, how to raise young goslings is an important basic work for high-yield and high-efficient geese. To achieve the desired result, you must have three good levels:
(1) Open water and open food During the long time after the goslings hatched, the water consumption of the body is relatively large. Due to the lack of water for a long time, the water demand of goslings is strong. When boiling water, be careful to prevent goslings from drinking and cause illness. Control the boiling time, usually 3-5 minutes. A small amount of glucose can be added in boiling water to supplement energy for young goslings. After the goose goes out of the shell, it mainly uses the residual yolk to maintain the body for a short time. Therefore, it must be eaten within 24 to 36 hours after hatching. The majority of rice that can be cooked in cooked rice or boiled water is cooked on dark ground and in bright light. Goslings may not eat when they start eating. They need to induce: touch the goose mouth by hand to attract attention, gradually lead to the starter, or open the goose mouth, and directly insert the starter into the mouth of the goose to promote its consumption. . Starting food should be less, and goslings need only 70% full. After the concentrate is eaten, a small amount of non-squeezed, cut-lined cabbage leaves or lettuce leaves can be added and allowed to feed. The entire open time should be short, usually within 30 minutes.
(b) Keeping Goslings In Warmth Goslings are sensitive to outside temperature and humidity. The temperature of the brooding room began to be 30°C2°C, and then it gradually decreased, falling by 2.5°C per week, and remained unchanged at 18°C. After 20 days of age, the cold-resistant ability of the goslings has been enhanced, and the insulation measures can be gradually reduced. However, thermal insulation at night is still required. In terms of humidity control, the general relative humidity is 60-65% in the first 10 days, and 65-75% in the next 20 days. The main measure to prevent the humidity from rising is to change the mat. Thermometers and hygrometers are generally placed on walls of a brooding room, 15-20 cm from the ground.
(C) feed adjustment off 1-3 days old chicks poor digestion, food intake, rice should be relatively soft or broken rice soaking time is longer, green material 1-2 mm wide; 4-10 days old goslings, The yolk is basically absorbed and utilized, the body weight is slightly reduced, appetite and digestive ability are enhanced, and the amount of yolk is gradually increased. 4 days old chicks should be added to the feed grains of sand, size to eat it is appropriate; 7 days of age every 1000 goose with broken rice 15 kg, green material 37.5 kg; 10 days old and increased to broken rice 21 kg, 77.5 kg of green material, broken rice soaked with the former, the rice can gradually increase the hardness, the width of the green material can be slightly increased to 2-3 mm, the number of feeding is reduced appropriately, 6-8 times a day, including night 2- 3 times. At this point, add some cooked egg yolk or plant fat-free vegetable feed to the feed. At the same time when feeding must be mastered goslings to 80% satisfaction; 11-20 days of age, fine material can be gradually transferred to the raw feed from the mature feed, the raw feed gradually turned into less soaked or not soaked, or with fine material, green material Width 3-5 mm, and gradually increase the proportion of green material, to increase its proportion to 80-90%, green material may include chopped relatively rigid petioles veins, feeding 6 times a day, including 2 times in the evening, If the weather is warm and sunny, you can grazing and do not feed green before grazing. The adaptability and digestive abilities of young geese from 21 to 30 days have been greatly increased. The concentrate in the diet can be gradually converted from rice to open-valley, and then it can be boiled in the shell, or after soaking, it can also be used with Fine material; the crushing width of green material can be increased to 5-10 mm, the proportion of green material can be increased to 90-92%, and the grazing time can be gradually extended. The feeding is generally fed 5 times a day, of which 1-2 times in the evening.

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