Grapes overwinter and cold

First, the sawdust cold-proof method bundles the pruned grape vines into bundles, and then wraps 1 to 2 layers of straw or sackcloths on the top, then covers 15 to 20 cm thick sawdust, and then covers it with a layer of plastic film. Surrounded with soil compaction. Sawdust and plastic film are readily available and the material can be used continuously for 3 years.

Second, the frozen ice method will be pruned after the bundle of grape vines placed on the ground, in late October in the vine covered straw bag, cover 5 to 8 cm, and then cover the soil with a straw bag. When the temperature dropped from November to December, two layers of water were continuously poured onto the cover to make it ice, thereby separating the plants from the outside world and achieving the goal of safe wintering.

Third, sand and leaf stalks Four layers of cold-proof method First cover 20 cm thick on the vines, cover a layer of film on the sand, lay a layer of corn leaves about 10 cm thick on the mulch, follow the pressure on the leaves 60 cm corn stalk, to achieve Sand vines, membrane moisturizing, leaf encryption, straw warm effect. The first three layers should be covered in the middle or late October. The latter layer should be done after freezing.

Fourth, buried main frozen sticks method

Dig a ditch in the yard and bury the excavated soil near the trunk of the grape to prevent the root from freezing. Put the vines bundled and placed in the ditch after excavation. When the temperature falls below 0C, fill the ditch with water and make it ice. This way, the vines are wrapped in ice and can safely pass winter. The water in the ditch is both frozen water and spring sprouting water. This method works well in the courtyard.

Fifth, the hollow cold method in the ditch with bricks and adobe to form a trough, the winter cut after the branches tied in the middle, the top with a wooden pole scaffolding, put on straw and straw bags, covering 20 to 30 cm; and then Then cover the leaves or firewood 50 cm, along the ground to leave a few vents, can be measured at any temperature ventilation; closed at 0 °C, to be opened the next year when the Ching Ming.

Sixth, plastic film cooling method

With the continuous improvement of cold-proof technology, in recent years there has been a cold-proof method covered with plastic film. For the single dragon-tree shape, it is also necessary to set up the grape branches and tilt the branches to avoid breaking the plastic film. . After the plate is flattened, press it slightly with soil, and then cover it with a 1.4 m wide, 0.07 mm thick black plastic film, compacted with soil around the membrane. This method of preventing cold is less labor intensive and labor intensity is relatively low, and since the cold-proof plastic film can be reused, the cost does not increase.

Seventh, comprehensive cultivation wintering method

In the process of grape growth management, appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer is applied, sufficient phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are applied, and it is strictly forbidden to grow nitrogen fertilizer in the later growth period, which is favorable for flower bud differentiation, full buds, and dense branch dendrite. Moderate light shearing in winter, early sprouting and then cutting. The overwintering water is soaked to keep the soil temperature constant, and it is forbidden to water a lot in the late stage of growth, resulting in leggy. At the anniversary, we will focus on the management of pests and diseases, reduce pests and diseases, and increase the accumulation of branches. The comprehensive application of these measures ensures that the grapes safely pass through the winter.