Grasshopper culture technology

Grasshopper culture technology

The scientific name of the leech is known as the leech, which is also known as the horse, the horse, and the schistosomiasis. Lepidoptera is a part of animal gates, Sinipercus ocellatus, Amaranthus, Otteridae. There are nearly a hundred kinds of grasshoppers in China, but there are three kinds of leeches used in clinics: Japanese medicine (Hirudo nipponia), Whitmania pigra, and Whitmamia acranulata. At present, China's Chinese herbal medicine market is operating mainly on the wide body of gold wire.

Medicinal and economic value

Grasshopper is a valuable Chinese herbal medicine. The use of Chinese medicine and Western medicine is increasing. As early as the 2nd century BC in the "Er Ya" has recorded that the grasshopper has a clotting effect. Mingshi Li Shizhen's "Ben Cao Gangmu" gave a detailed description of the efficacy of leech, and was used to treat women's monthly closure, blood leakage and postpartum hemorrhage.

The leech body contains a variety of medicinal components, such as hirudin, heparin, and anti-thromboxanes. Among them, hirudin is an acidic polypeptide secreted by the salivary glands of leech, and is currently the most powerful natural inhibitor of thrombin. A trace amount of ingredients inhibits the activity of thrombin in the blood and has the effect of reducing the viscosity of the blood. In addition, hirudin also has the function of dilating blood vessels, relieving vascular smooth muscle spasm, and promoting the absorption of exudates. It can keep the venous blood vessels open after transplantation.

The use of leech can treat cardiovascular, cerebral thrombosis, rheumatism, hypertension, myocardial infarction, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, amenorrhea, abdominal pain, postpartum lochia, paraplegia, cirrhosis, lymphatic tuberculosis, angina pectoris, eye disease, nameless swelling, Cancer, cervical lymphadenopathy and other diseases can also be used for abortion.

Grasshopper is rich in protein and amino acids, and has the basic conditions for the development of special foods. Its development prospects are very broad. It can be made into health foods, such as health drinks, liqueurs, health foods, oral liquids, granules, capsules, tablets, etc. for the elderly to prevent high blood lipids, hypertension, liver diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cerebral thrombosis and other symptoms . In addition, the use of leech can also be formulated antifreeze cream, Baochun cream, hair cream or other blood circulation cream and a series of cosmetic beauty products.

The leech is very sensitive to changes in the chemical and physical factors in the water. This feature of the leech can be used to study water pollution, assess water quality, and forecast weather.

With the widespread use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the wild resources of leech have been declining, which is far from meeting the needs of medicine. Artificial breeding, less investment, high efficiency, size can be, feeding and management. The development of artificial breeding of grasshoppers has broad prospects.

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