Greenhouse peppers June management method

Chilli peppers were planted in late May and the plants grew taller if they wanted to continue to make their results. It should be scaffolded to prevent lodging and affect growth. The scaffolding method generally uses a stand with every 1 meter spacing, and an upright column of 1.5 meters long is inserted upright on the side of the car. Then tie a horizontal rope about 40 cm above the ground and use a horizontal rope to connect the same column. Peppers are fixed in two rows of columns. As the pepper grows, add one or two horizontal ropes.

The result of pruning and supplementing hot peppers is the result of upward flowering with the growth of the plants. After 20-30 days of harvesting fruits, the plants have grown to a certain height. The old and weak branches below have become nutrients due to the concealment of sunlight. The consumption of the body, so this time we should begin to remove the next old leaves and weak branches. After removal, it is also conducive to ventilation and light transmission between the rows, reducing pests and diseases.

Fertilizers should be supplemented with fertilization. In addition to supplying sufficient nitrogen fertilizer, it should also be supplemented with large quantities of potash fertilizer and appropriate phosphate fertilizer. Each mus can be supplemented with 5-10 kg of urea, 5-10 kg of potassium sulfate, and 5 kg of monoammonium phosphate.

To prevent flowering and fruit physiology: Capsicum is like an air-dried and humid soil environment, such as high temperatures (more than 35 °C), that affect pollination, fertilization, but also easily lead to plant leggy, weakened plant assimilation, respiratory burden, Cause ovary withering, filigree shrinkage, resulting in falling flowers and falling fruit, or encounter a long period of rainy days, so that lack of light, temperature drops (below 15 °C), will also affect the pollination and pollen tube elongation, resulting in falling. Strict control of fertilizer and water, reasonable fertilization, no watering before the fruit is not set, so as to control vegetative growth, promote reproductive growth, topdressing fertilizer should be increased phosphorus and potassium, reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer into the flowering period, fruit setting period, the rapid expansion of the fruit, you need A large number of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are sprayed with capsicum. Peppers generally require an air humidity of 55%-65% and a soil moisture content of about 15%. For example, a 24-hour standing water humidity of more than 18% in the field may affect root development and plant growth. However, entering the full fruit period should keep the soil moist.

In terms of pathology: At the beginning of the results and at the end of the results, the falling of peppers was caused by diseases such as virus disease, anthrax, gray leaf spot, powdery mildew, scab, disease, early blight, and ring rot. (China Plant Protection Network: Li Ruifeng)

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