Greenhouse tomato leggy reason and prevention

Greenhouse tomatoes are mainly due to overgrown soil (relative humidity is about 80%), nitrogen fertilizer is more or more, or continuous rainy weather, air humidity is often higher than 50%, lack of light, planting too dense, or poor ventilation and ventilation. Autumn tomatoes in the high temperature, nitrogen fertilizer application in the case of too much, there is no timely colonization is also easy to grow.

The main preventive measures are as follows:

The seedling age is controlled strictly and the autumn tomato seedling age is about 25 days.

As early as possible for planting preparation, promote the seedlings and seedlings to prepare soil preparation, apply base fertilizer, cover the top film and skirt film of the greenhouse, and ditch drainage around the greenhouse 10 to 30 days before planting, so that the humidity in the greenhouse is lower and the temperature is lower when the seedlings are planted. High to facilitate seedlings. Promote root growth to control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer, use deep sorghum cultivation to promote root growth. To prevent overgrown vegetative growth timely and properly pruning leaves and scaffolding, so that the ventilation and ventilation is good, and use growth regulators such as anti-droplet spray, promote fruit setting and inhibit excessive vegetative growth. After ventilating the plant in time, the plant should be ventilated at a certain temperature to reduce the humidity in the greenhouse. The beginning of fruiting and fruiting, it is necessary to put the end of the skirt under the wind, the minimum temperature outside the night when not less than 15 °C, ventilation should be kept up late.

Control fertilizer and water base fertilizer and water is sufficient, generally do not apply fertilizer before flowering and fruit setting, in particular, the use of plastic film coverage, after sitting on the fruit, depending on the amount of top dressing.

Surfactants, known as "industrial monosodium glutamate", refer to substances with fixed hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, which can be aligned on the surface of the solution and make the surface tension decrease significantly. Surfactants are generally organic amphoteric molecules with hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups, which are soluble in organic and aqueous solutions. Hydrophilic groups are often polar groups, such as carboxylic acid, sulfonic acid, sulfuric acid, amino or amino groups and their salts, but also hydroxyl, amide, ether bonds; hydrophobic groups are often non-polar hydrocarbon chains, such as hydrocarbon chains with more than eight carbon atoms. Surfactants are classified into anionic surfactants (mainly soaps, sulfates, sulfonates), cationic surfactants (also known as quaternary amines), amphoteric surfactants and non-ionic surfactants (mainly including fatty acid sorbitans, polysorbates, polyoxyethylene fatty acid esters) Polyoxyethylene fatty acid ether, etc.)

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