Greenstone (Figure)

Scientific name: A drom ischus herrei

Family Genus: Sedum genus Tianjinzhang

Morphology: perennial succulent plant, plant height about 10 cm, with short stems, fleshy leaves, spindle-shaped, two pointed, leaf surface rough, full of pimple, but shiny, green leaves, new leaves exposed by the sun was purple.

Distribution and application: For the southern part of Africa, the plant type is small and exquisite, and the fleshy leaves have unique shapes. They resemble a small bitter gourd. They are planted in small pots, decorated with several cases, desktops, windowsills, etc. They are exquisite and unique.

Maintenance: Hi warm and dry and sunny environment, resistant to half shade, not cold, but also afraid of high temperature, avoid water. Plants are dormant during high temperatures in summer and cold in winter. The main growth period is in spring and autumn. Suitable for growing in loose, fertile, well-drained soil. Branch insertion or leaf propagation.

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