Ground chili peppers May management points

Exposed chilli peppers in May Management categories: Planting technology/Plant physiology principles and cultivation techniques Scope of application: Not limited to one, after the planting and colonization, grab the sunny topdressing seedlings fertilizer, each dosage can not be too much or too thick, otherwise it is easy to cause Actress, postponed flowering results. After waiting for the first and second layers of fruit, more fertilizers must be applied and the growth of fruits should be promoted. Requires strong growth of pepper leaves, seal line, reduce the exposure of the field to reduce water evaporation. Second, after picking the fruit and picking it, the soil is required to have sufficient water, and the plant can grow normally and result. If the heavy rain falls before the soil is dry after watering, the phenomenon of defoliation and dead planting will be quite common, especially during the period between the upswing and the beginning of the fall. Therefore, when irrigating, it must be determined according to the weather forecast. The depth of irrigation is not more than three-fourths of the length of the ditch, and it should be done in the evening or in the early morning, and the emergency irrigation must be performed. In addition to the epidemic of the disease caused by the heavy rain, the plants are laid down. Therefore, the drainage ditch should be properly disposed before the rain, and effective measures should be taken after the rain to raise the seedlings in time.


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