Guangzhou black workshop with industrial salt and pigment make inferior brand name sauce

Three men were suspected of using industrial salt and pigments to produce large amounts of counterfeit “Kale” condensed chicken juice and “Kikkoman” soy sauce and other branded sauces. They were recently suspected of counterfeiting by the Guangzhou Tianhe District Procuratorate. Trademark crimes are approved for arrest. The value of counterfeit sauces seized by law enforcement agencies in the above-mentioned workshops was at least RMB 500,000.

After review by the prosecution authority, starting from last October, Liu Yang (handled in a separate case) of a suspect from Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, has leased a factory on Chebei Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City as an underground workshop, and rented a Qinhuang Industrial Zone in Muxi Village, Tianhe District. The basement factory building serves as a warehouse, and Daxie produces condimented chicken juice, spicy sauce, and soy sauce and other condiments that are brand-name registered trademarks. On March 15 this year, Tianhe Branch of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the Public Security Bureau of the Tianhe District Jointly Enforced the Investigation of the above two addresses and conducted a surprise inspection and seized a large batch of “Jiale” concentrated chicken juice suspected of counterfeiting registered trademarks. Fresh dew, "America" ​​savory sauce, "Yangjiang" ginger glutinous rice, "Kikkoman" soy sauce, and "Siu-to-character" soy sauce and other condiments.

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