Hair Removal 808nm Diode Laser

Model NO.: FG 2000
Output: 2000W
Display: 11 Inch Color Touch Lce Display
Laser Wavelength: 808nm
Spot Size: 12*10 Mm2
Pulse Width: 8~685ms Adjustable
Energy: 1-120 J / Cm2 Adjustable
Pulse Frequency: 0.5~10Hz
Cooling Mode: Water + Air + Semiconductor
Trademark: ADSS
Transport Package: aluminum alloy case
Specification: CE
Origin: China
HS Code: 85437099

808nm diode laser hair removal machine

Model: FG 2000
The diode laser (808nm or 810nm wavelength) is the most promising laser for hair removal. It delivers a longer wavelength than the Ruby (694nm wavelength) and the Alexandrite (755nm wavelength) lasers, but a shorter wavelength than the ND: YAG (1064nm wavelength) laser. With below advantages:
  1. Permanent hair reduction of all color hairs on all 6 Fitzpatrick skin types, including tanned skin or dark skin---diode laser enables light to penetrate deeper into skin and is safer than other lasers because it can avoid the melanin pigment in the skin's epidermis.In-motion technology, fast hair removal on big area treatment---diode laser allows fast repetition rates up to 10Hz(10 pulses-per-second)Pain-free hair removal---excellent contact cooling probe, preventing superficial heat injury
Treatment Therapy:
During a laser hair removal treatment, light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. This absorption raises the temperature of the hair follicle and thermally destroys the cells responsible for regrowth.
 Hair Removal 808nm Diode Laser

Any area of the skin which has unwanted hair, including the face, neck, chest, back, bikini area, underarms, arms and legs.
Hair Removal 808nm Diode Laser 

  1. Laser Source: 100% Germany imported original laser head, world-renowned brand diode laser manufacturer Dilas companyReal Sapphire Tip: Dual-chill contact cooling system, constant cooling 0-30CPowerful Cooling: Ensure machine 24 hours non-stop working, maximized earnings for clinics, salons or hospitals Intelligent Alarming Protection: Auto-alarming of poor water flow, low water level or  
water temperature, protects laser against damage
  1. Smart Interface: Simplified parameters settings save your time, shots counter of different body area assisting your market analysisHandpiece: 90% material imported, lifespan 3-5 years
Wavelength 808nm (1064nm, 755nm)
Frequency 1-10Hz adjustable
Spot size 12*10mm 
  1. Is the hair removal treatment painful?
When the laser is applied to the skin, patients feel some stinging, similar in sensation to the snapping of a small rubber band against the skin.
When I do the treatment, I felt a gradual build-up of heat into the area being treated, it's pain-free.
                                    ---------------------- Cristian Neicu
  1. What are the possible side effects?
Possible side effects from Diode laser hair removal are minimal, but there may be redness on the treated area. This redness should disappear within two days.
  1. How is the treatment performed?
A cool gel is applied to the area being treated. Dark glasses are worn to protect the patient's eyes from the light. With the patient in a comfortable, relaxed position, the laser handpiece is applied to the skin.
  1. How long is each treatment?
The length of the procedure varies, from fifteen minutes to an hour or more, depending on which area is being treated.
  1. How many treatments needed?
In general, patients have six to eight treatments, approximately every four to six weeks. Patients with darker skin types may require more treatments.
  1. How soon can we see results?
Patients notice that treated hairs will shed during the week or two following treatment. 
  1. How to take care skin after treatment?
Cool compresses applied to the treated area help to reduce redness, swelling and discomfort.
It is important to protect all your skin from the sun using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day as well as sun-protective clothing.
 Hair Removal 808nm Diode Laser

Hair Removal 808nm Diode Laser
Hair Removal 808nm Diode Laser

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