Hairy rabbits produce more than eight hairs

First, improve the feeding environment. The appropriate ambient temperature for the long-haired rabbits is 5°C to 25°C. When the temperature exceeds 30°C, the feed intake decreases, the wool production decreases, and nutrient consumption below 0°C also affects the amount of wool produced. The rabbit house should be insulated in winter, summer heatstroke, clean and fresh air. Second, strengthen the rearing management after shearing. On the 2nd day after hair-cutting, each rabbit was intramuscularly injected with 0.1g of vitamin B12, and the hair production cycle could be shortened by 10 days, or by intramuscular injection of 1 ml of fattening spirit and 0.07 g of vitamin B12. Third, add trace element additives. Each adult rabbit was fed with 10 mg of trace element additive every day. Feeding for 4 months continuously increased the hair production by 27%. Fourth, feed leeks and soybeans. Before picking the hair, feeding them with leek and soybeans will increase the coat and make it look lighter. Five, feeding. Each female rabbit is fed with 7 grams of lotus root powder each day, and the amount of wool produced can be increased by 10%. Six, medicine bath. Calculated for every 20 long-haired rabbits, 100 grams of Euphorbia militaris, 100 grams of Sophora flavescens, and 2.5 kilograms of water were added. After decocting, the filter juice was added to the residue. Then 100 grams of sulphur powder and 5 kilograms of boiling water were added to stir. . Seven, with wine, ginger reminder. Mix the rabbit body with 1 tablespoon of liquor and a little ginger juice, and make the new long rabbit hair dense and homogeneous. Eight, use raw eggs to urge hair. Eggs are rich in sulphur-containing amino acids and have a long hairy effect. Every 5 to 10 long-haired rabbits should feed one egg each day in the feed.

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