Hanging corn combine harvester application technology

Hanging corn combine harvester is a knapsack corn harvester model between self-propelled and traction type. It is suitable for crops with small plots, large row spacing, and interplanting corn. Combining the advantages of straw returning and price performance, it is the most suitable corn harvester in rural areas. However, due to the improper operation of the operator, he could not exert his due effect, resulting in the poor quality of the operation and the inefficiency of the agricultural operator. In order to give full play to the performance of agricultural machinery and better serve agricultural production, the use of this harvesting machine is described as follows:

First, the balance of the harvester. Running the corn harvester before starting work is an important prerequisite for long-term use. If it is not strictly in accordance with the provisions of the test run to run at full load, resulting in gear, shaft and other parts of the relative rotation of the rotating parts of the serious wear and tear, resulting in parts burned, stuck and damaged, affecting the life of the harvester, so the new purchase The harvester or the overhauled harvester must be commissioned after commissioning.

Second, the use of harvesting machine

1. Before the operation of the corn harvester, the working clutch should be smoothly integrated. The throttle can be operated from small to large, and when the rated speed is stable, the harvest operation can be started.

2. When the corn harvester is operating in the field, it is necessary to regularly check the working conditions of the straw smashing and returning machine. If it is found that the returning machine is vibrating strongly, it is necessary to stop the machine to check the failure so as to avoid the irreversible loss caused by shaft bending.

3. Check the operation of the picking device according to the number of grains thrown on the ground and the broken stem of the stem. When the loss is large and the broken stems are large, check whether the work gap between the picking rollers is correct.

4, the harvester should work at rated speed, when the machine load is too heavy, should step down the clutch to stop the locomotive forward, and can not reduce the throttle, should properly interrupt the corn harvester operations 1 to 2 minutes, and then choose the right forward speed.

5. When the working part is blocked, it should be stopped in time, cut off the power and clear the blockage, otherwise it will aggravate the wear of the parts.

6. When returning to the field, slowly put down the field returning machine, and the power should not be buried.

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