Hare disease prevention

First, the cholera cholera disease This disease is a contact infectious disease caused by Pasteurella multocida, through the digestive tract and respiratory tract infections.
1. Symptoms of the most acute can hardly see the symptoms, that is, suddenly dying to death, commonly known as shaking his head. Diseased pheasant spirit was faltering, feathers were loose, and the neck was closed, bows were arched, heads were hidden under the wings, stray out of limbs, severe diarrhea, faeces were yellowish or green, and feathers around the anus were stained with loose stools; As the body temperature rises, appetite disappears; thirst, shortness of breath, and mucus from the nose and mouth.
2. Treatment with penicillin, streptomycin, oxytetracycline, sulfonamides, olaquindox and other drugs have a good effect on the treatment of the disease, the specific usage of reference chicken, the dose is at least halved.
Second, hazel chicken paratyphoid This disease is an acute or chronic infectious disease caused by Salmonella, mainly infringement of young brood, can cause large numbers of chicks died. The disease is mainly transmitted through eggs and digestive tract. It can also be transmitted through the respiratory tract and damaged skin.
1. Symptoms Halo chicken suffers from reduced appetite, thirst, rapid breathing, dizziness, sagging heads, lethargy, drooping wings, and fuzziness. It is sometimes seen that purulent conjunctivitis causes the face of the eye to stick and the head to swell. Chronic diarrhea, sometimes fecal blood, swollen joints with paralysis.
2. Therapeutic drug treatment can reduce the mortality of acute paratyphoid fever, but the treated chicken can become a long-term carrier and cannot be used as a seed. The disease is better treated with oxytetracycline and chlortetracycline. The drug can be mixed into the feed in a proportion of 0.2%. Or fed with O.04% furazolidone for 1 day.
Third, the new syphilis tuberculosis of jewels yaws mainly spread by the rodents, young broodstock susceptible to the disease, the mortality rate of 90%. 95%.
1. Symptoms Hazel chickens are sick and have loose feathers. The caecum shows a caseous, swollen, and necrotic case.
2. Treatment of the disease is commonly used sulfa drug prevention. Usually to prevent rat damage.

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