High sugar bees are the most important

First, replace the queen bee. The old and poor bees spawn fewer births and have higher winter mortality. The spawning peak period in spring is short in duration. Therefore, a group of excellent new queen bees must be cultivated in the fall. The queen of bees that are replaced can form double king peaks and allow them to continue spawning until they are discontinued. Second, cultivate age-appropriate winter bees. The bees developed from the eggs of the white dew (ie, white dew) are the best wintering colonies. Third, feeding overwinter feed. The time usually begins after the wintering seeds are produced. The ratio of sugar to water is preferably 1:0.6. Focus on feeding within 2-3 days. Fourth, to prevent the theft of bees. Stealing bees can easily occur at the end of the autumn honey source. At this time, the bees should be released. And put an empty box to collect the old bee, serious should be transferred to the apiary, should not leak water and honey in the bee. Fifth, active governance. It is generally performed in two times, and the first time before the cultivation of the age-appropriate bees, it enters the wintering and the natural incision in the bee colony for the second time. Bees should be fed before medication. Six, timely broken child. After the bee colonies the overwintering bees, they are broken. Increase bee colony (15-20 mm), extract pollen spleen from bee colony, withdraw insulation, use honey to take up a large number of nest houses, force queen of bees to break early, bee colony early solidarity, or close bee queen to promote It stopped giving birth. China Agricultural Network Editor