High-yield Cultivating Technique of Ginger with "Double Membrane and One Net

Ginger is a perennial herb that grows indefinitely under the right conditions. Due to climatic conditions, the growth period of conventionally grown ginger in Laiwu City is generally only about 165 days, which is the main reason why ginger production has not been improved. In view of the fact that there is no obvious maturation period of ginger, we conducted a high-yielding cultivation technology test of “double membrane and mesh” ginger with the prolongation of the growth period of ginger as a breakthrough. We adopted advance mulching for advanced mulching, and covered the shade of the shade in the middle period. In the late period, the technology for delaying the protection of arch sheds has extended the growth period of ginger from 165 days for conventional cultivation to about 220 days, coupled with the adoption of scientific management, formula fertilization, and comprehensive prevention and control measures against ginger ailments, and achieved significant results. Acceptance test, average yield per mu 5835kg, increase production 1500kg, high-yield land up to 6565kg, while ginger quality and commercial quality has also been significantly improved. The main cultivation techniques are now described below. 1 For fine soil preparation and fertilization, soil fertility, easy irrigation, and no ginger plot soil plots should be selected. On the basis of winter plowing, fine soil preparation should be carried out early in the spring so that the soil can reach Panasonic. Adding organic fertilizer, disease-free relics, cake fertilizer and plant ash combined application, combined with soil preparation per acre mass decomposing chicken manure 3 to 4 cubic meters or high-quality ring fertilizer 5000 to 10000kg as base fertilizer. In the high-fertilizer plots, 60-65cm row spacing is used for trenching and sowing, 100kg mu cakes, 50kg ternary compound fertilizer, 50kg potassium sulfate, 2kg zinc fertilizer, and 1kg boron fertilizer as seed fertilizer. 2 Selected ginger seeds, nurturing strong buds Choose ginger giblets that are hypertrophic, full-filled, bright-skinned, fresh, non-drying, non-perishable, unfrozen, and pest-free, and require 70 to 100 g per piece. Strictly eliminate the thin, weak and dry ginger sticks, brown and soft ginger, to ensure that the buds are uniform. In addition, in the germination, first, control the germination time, grasp the germination on March 5 to 15; second is to control the germination temperature, control it at 22 ~ 25 °C, to prevent excessive temperature caused by ginger thin, thin, fine Long or low temperature budding is slow, is not conducive to the formation of strong buds or affect timely sowing; Third, control the ginger bud size, grasp in the bud length of 1 ~ 1.5cm, when the bud base with root protrusion when sowing. If some have already seen roots, they must be sowed in batches. 3 Early mulching with plastic film, proper early sowing of ginger is not tolerant to frost, and ginger seeds begin to germinate at temperatures above 16°C. Early sowing, low soil temperature, frozen ginger sprouts can not germinate; sowing too late, the effective accumulated temperature is less, ginger block enlargement time is insufficient, relatively shortened the growth period of ginger, resulting in reduced yield. In Laiwu City, the sowing time is always before and after the "May 1st", and the double-membrane and net-cultivation are carried out. The sowing time can be advanced to around the beginning of April. After sowing, watering, spraying of herbicides, and coating of 0.006mm thick and 2.4m wide plastic film shall be conducted in time to increase the temperature and keep the soil. This will effectively improve the soil environment, promote the activity of microorganisms in the soil, and increase the activity of various enzymes, thereby accelerating The decomposition and transformation of nutrients in the soil increases the effective nutrients in the plough layer. 4 After weeding the chemical herbicide ginger, pour enough water. When the water infiltrates, cover the soil and then spray the herbicide. Herbicide can be used as 33% Shitian cream, 24% Guoer or 40% ginger and garlic. Emulsifiable concentrate, 667 mu with 120ml water 30 ~ 40kg. All kinds of herbicides should be sprayed before seedling and before the weeds have been excavated, and used for soil sealing treatment. After spraying, no top soil should be moved. If the amount of the herbicide is not enough or applied too late, it will affect the safety and efficacy of ginger. After the spraying, the film can be covered. In order not to burn the damaged film after the ginger buds have been excavated, a "concave" shape must be formed on the surface of the noodles so that the film does not come into direct contact with the soil. 5 Reasonable dense planting and establishment of a good population structure The yield of ginger consists of two factors: the number of plants per unit area and the weight of each plant's roots and stems. Dealing with the relationship between groups and individuals to achieve a reasonable dense planting, can make ginger block large, high-yield, good merchandise. Therefore, increasing the plant spacing and reducing the number of plants not only promotes individual development, but also ensures population yield. Planting spacing 57cm, plant spacing 20 ~ 30cm, acres planted 5000 ~ 6000. 6 timely shading, promote the emergence of ginger up to 50% should be promptly shaded ginger field, promote vigorous growth of ginger seedlings. From the original banner-type shading nets to high-shelf shading nets, the specific method: the use of cement pillars, bamboo rafts tied into a 2m high arch scaffolding, buckle the shade net, shading rate can reach 30% to 40%. 7 Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, apply a reasonable amount of formula fertilization Topdressing implement "a small number of times" approach, light recovery to mention Miao Fei, combined with watering in early June, Mu Shunshui flushing urea 25kg. Re-applying the branching fertilizer, in late July, with the withdrawal of the covering material, ditch the application of bio-fertilizer 100-150kg, bean cake (soy) 50kg, and potassium sulfate 30kg, timely watering after topdressing. Supplementary autumn Miao Fei, in late September based on the growth of ginger seedlings, as appropriate, topdressing potash fertilizer or nitrogen fertilizer. In view of the undeveloped root system of ginger, poor water absorption capacity, and the fear of drought and aphid in the growth process, it is advisable to use small water in the early stage to prevent flooding. Seedlings maintain soil relative humidity of 65% to 80% to facilitate the rapid formation of ginger organs. 8 comprehensive prevention and treatment of ginger turbulent first, implement rotation for crops; second, select disease-resistant varieties and disease-free ginger seeds; third, purify water and apply net fertilizer; fourth, timely treatment of diseased plants, when the field found diseased plants, promptly remove Infected strains and surrounding healthy strains within 0.5m, dig out the soil with bacteria, and apply lime in the hole, or use chemical fertilizer to fill the hole; Fifth, chemical control, soaking with fungicides before sowing, or using fertilizer when the third equity Ingredients such as sulfasin, ginger glycosides, ginger glycosides, green tyrants, and copper noble herbs are poured into the root for 7 to 10 days and poured 3 to 4 times, which can effectively control the occurrence of ginger rickets. 9 Covering the arches in the later period, extending the growth period and increasing the yield The harvesting period of ginger is generally performed in late October and before the beginning of the first frost. In order to prolong the growth time of ginger and increase the yield and quality of ginger, the latter is covered with plastic arch cover to protect the ginger. Get normal growth within a certain frosty period. To strengthen field management in the shed, timely ventilation and ventilation, maintain the shed temperature around 25 °C during the day, not less than 15 °C at night, use the temperature difference between day and night, promote nutrient accumulation, increase ginger production. Ginger protected by sheds can be delayed more than 20 days from conventional plots and should be harvested in due course according to weather conditions in mid-November.

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