Honeysuckle picking processing stress

1. Time spent on flower collection: The time spent on flower collection is 9-12 when it was in the previous year. When there is dew, it should not be taken during rainy days. If there is drying equipment, it can also be picked. The cyanine collected in the morning has a heavy white substance, is easy to dry, has a strong aroma, and has a high commodity rate and good quality. The quality of flowers collected after noon and cloudy days is poor and the processing rate is low. From the flower development process, the habits are divided into several situations: Qinglei, Qingbai, Xiaobaizhen, Yinhua and Jinhua withering. The upper part of the buds inflates and grows into a stick shape. When the greenish white color is good, it is known as a large white needle. When the flowers are about to be opened, the best time for picking can be to produce quality goods.

2, picking method: When picking baskets or rattan cage, can not be used to bag plastic bags, carton, to prevent the heat wave, the body's enzymes and protein fermentation, discoloration mold. Flower buds and flower tissue are tender and must be lightly put, and avoid pressing with hands to avoid affecting quality.

3, drying and drying: Drying immediately after picking, sunny drying. Dilution drying with bamboo foil or straw mats, thickness 1 cm, can not be flipped. 70% of the dry heat is placed in the bright place sweating, re-sun drying. To reach the flower is not brittle and broken degree. In cloudy and rainy weather, it must be dried at a slight temperature, first baked at 35°C-40°C for 2-3 hours, then raised to 50°C and dried to 90% dry without damage. Large planting areas and production areas should be built drying room, prevent moldy, improve product quality. Generally 6-7 kilograms of flowers dry 1 kilogram of goods.

4. Processing classification: The processing must be carried out from the flower picking and drying, and it is best to separate them according to the quality. The impurities are picked at any time and the first-class goods are prolific. The national standards for honeysuckle commodities are divided into four categories.

First class: The goods are dried, the buds are presented in a blubber shape, and they are thick and thin, slightly curved, and the surface is greenish-white. The corolla is slightly harder and thicker. It has a top-notch grip; the gas is fragrant, sweet and bitter. No more than 5% of open flowers, burst buds and yellow strips. No black bars, blackheads, foliage, impurities, insects, mildew;

Second grade: basically the same as the first grade, only open flowers do not exceed 5%. Bursting flower buds and yellow strips do not exceed 10%;

Third grade: The goods are dry, the buds are stick-like, thick and thin, slightly curved, the surface is greenish-white or yellowish-white, and the corolla is thick and hard, and it has a top touch. Gas fragrance, sweet and bitter. Open flowers, blackheads no more than 30%. No leaves, impurities, insects, mildew;

Fourth class: goods. The buds or open flowers have the same color. Leaves no more than 3%, no impurities, insects, mildew.

The recent tightening of goods, generally more than mixed processing. However, planting should pay attention to quality, and take the principle of quality management of Chinese medicinal materials (GAP) as the principle, build an industrialization base, create famous brand goods, and improve the reputation and benefits.

Everyone knows that there are a few longevity villages in China, and I live in one of them. I have lived here for 22 years, where chrysanthemums are everywhere and fragrant. Every morning, Grandma would make a pot of chrysanthemum tea and do other things after drinking. Grandma said, "Chrysanthemum can be used as medicine to cure diseases, chrysanthemum tea can make people live longer, chrysanthemum can also be made into exquisite delicacies." Grandma often cooks a dish called "chrysanthemum meat", "chrysanthemum meat" is a kind of chrysanthemum which has been made through long-term exploration. It is made from a piece of white tender pork processed by boiling sucrose pulp. It*s exquisite and exquisite, like white jade. Each piece is covered with a few chrysanthemum petals, which are full of fat, sugar and sweetness. The golden color is observed. The meat in the mouth is vegetable, and the meat in the vegetable is sweet and not greasy. It is really a famous dish. Grandma said that her ancestors did so. Slowly, everyone used it, and the village gradually became a longevity village.

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