How can I select suitable grains for myself?

In different stages of growth, the nutrients needed by the body are different. Here are some suggestions for the selection of miscellaneous grains.

Old man

Add brown rice to white rice. Although white rice can provide the nutrients and calories the body needs, the nutrients in brown rice, especially crude fiber, are much higher than white rice, which helps the gastrointestinal motility and relieves digestive diseases such as stomachache and constipation. In addition, brown rice can lower cholesterol and triglyceride, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer. Therefore, old people may wish to add brown rice when steaming white rice.

However, it is more time consuming to process brown rice. It is recommended to soak in cold water overnight before cooking. When steaming rice, it is best to mix one portion of brown rice with two portions of white rice.


A bowl of millet porridge a day. Millet contains carotenoids and B vitamins that are not found in other coarse grains, which is beneficial to children's digestive function. The nutrition in millet is very easy to be absorbed by the body, so it is called "health rice" and it is especially suitable for children with weak digestive function.

Millet's most common practice is porridge, but also with some other ingredients, such as pumpkin, yam, sweet potato, lily, etc., made of different flavors of porridge, better health effects. For young children, you can buy milled noodles in supermarkets and boil them into pastes.

Young and middle-aged men

Eat black rice most kidney. Black rice has the effects of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, strengthening Qi and strengthening the liver. Its nutritional value is higher than ordinary rice, eat regularly can protect the cardiovascular, is an ideal nutritional health food.

Black rice eats a lot, risotto and porridge are all good choices. However, black rice is not easy to cook and should be soaked overnight to cook. In addition, steamed buns with black rice noodles are more suitable for middle and old aged people.

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