How does the elderly prevent and treat food and throat?

In Hong Kong, when two elderly people were eating glutinous rice balls and meatballs at their homes respectively, they suspected that they had suffocated due to food defecating. They died after being sent to hospital for treatment and died on the same day. According to figures released by the North District Hospital of Hong Kong, only the hospital received a case in which the public was stuck with a foreign body stuck in his throat every year. In 2002, it had exceeded 1,000 cases.

Both the elderly and the young children are high-risk families considered to be deadly to death. The organ development and muscle coordination of infants is not yet complete, and the elderly are deteriorating and becoming worse in these areas. Remind all elders here: Be extra careful when eating. Because the surface of food such as pork balls and dumplings is slippery, it is easy to slide into the throat all the time. Neither can it be caught in the throat, nor can it get stuck in the throat, or it can cause suffocation by mistake. Therefore, some pills are eaten. When it comes to food, it is more focused and free from accidents.

In particular, people who have suffered a stroke are more prone to food suffocation and suffocation. One of the two old people who died was an 80-year-old woman surnamed Zhang who had a bad stroke. The children specially hired a maid to take care of her and her husband’s living. As the winter season approached, Zhang mother-in-law ordered the maid to cook a glutinous rice dumpling, which meant that he would reunite.

Doctors recommend that elders should avoid eating whole pelleted foods with a certain volume as much as possible, and they may have to cut it to a moderate degree before eating. Even if the whole thing is put in the mouth, it is necessary to pay attention to concentrating it first on teeth, and avoid eating or talking or laughing, and avoid drinking in case of inattentiveness. People who care for the elderly should also pay attention to cutting the food into fine grains for the elderly.

The first reaction of the conscious throat cripple is to desire to swallow the larynx and swallow it. In fact, it is easier to cough it out, and people around you are reminded not to prevent it. For unconscious cockroaches, the victim should be placed on the ground and squeezed on the chest at the same time he is in contact with the emergency facility, so that he has the opportunity to use pressure to push the food out.

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