How shrimp ponds should be mixed with mud

Shrimp and shellfish polyculture is the use of shrimp and shellfish inhabiting the water layer, food and other ecological and biological characteristics, to form a mutually beneficial ecological environment, is conducive to maintaining the ecological balance, prevent shrimp eutrophication, reduce shrimp disease Occurrence and spread to improve the comprehensive economic benefits of shrimp ponds.
Water Quality Water source: The main use of natural tides is that the water quality is non-polluting. The specific gravity of seawater is between 1.010-1.020, the water temperature is 8°C-31°C, and the pH value is 7.5-8.2.
Shrimp pond bottom: with 15 cm thick soft mud or silt can be, soft mud bottom quality is better.
Depth and area: The area of ​​the shrimp pond is about 30-50 mu, which is good for management. The water depth in the pond is 1.5-2 meters, and the beach surface requires a depth of 0.8-1.2 meters, and the minimum must not be less than 60 centimeters.
Leveling the beach surface: Before the seedlings are planted, the central beach will be loosened and flattened, and the area where the shellfish is planted will be divided and the beach will be inserted. The seedlings in the floodplain are controlled at about 40% of the total area of ​​the shrimp ponds, and there are shrimp and ditch around the shrimp ponds.
Qingchi: Before stocking, use 100-150 kilograms of quick lime or tea bran cake for 5-10 kilograms of clear pond, and the efficacy will disappear in about 10 days. The influent water must be filtered through 60-80 mesh sieve to prevent enemy invasion.
Fertilize the bait: After clearing the pond, add 20-30 cm of new water, 50 kg of chicken manure, 10 kg of urea, and basic bait in the breeding pond. Generally put 15 to 20 days after the shrimp seedlings basically do not need to vote.
Seedling sowing time: Generally, the seedlings will begin to sprout in the middle and early February of the lunar calendar, and will end around the end of March. The shrimps were stocked later than the seedlings for a month or so to prevent the seedlings from being crippled.
Stocking densities: According to the water surface of shrimp ponds, generally 200,500-300,000 seedlings or 3,000-4,000 seeds/grain seedlings of 10000-14,000 seeds/kg are planted in an area of ​​1500,000 grains per mu. The prawn seedlings are planted with 1-15 thousand tails or 0.5-1 million seedlings in greenhouses.
Seeding method: water storage sowing seedlings, the water level is maintained at about 20 cm, evenly spread on the central beach surface, usually in the morning and evening sowing seedlings.
Adjusting the water level: After the seedlings enter the pond, the water level can be kept at 20 cm; the shrimps should be filled with water immediately after entering the pond; in case of cold air and the summer hot season, the water level should be adjusted upwards. In the middle and later stages of shrimp farming, the amount of water to be changed should be increased, and the amount of water should be changed by about 20% per day.
Water quality management: The water quality requires “fat, live, tender, and cool”, and timely fertilizer according to the color of the water. After the shrimp is harvested, it will continue to top up 3-5 kg/mu of urea to promote muddy manure.
Feeding of bait: Adhere to the timing of regular feeding of shrimp feed to ensure that the shrimp are full; the fertile water, but also provide ample food organisms loach.
From early November to mid-December, the quail meat is the most plump and tender, the blood is more delicious, and the temperature is low, so it is easy to store and transport. After catching the shrimp, drain the pond water and wash it.
Benefit analysis: Generally, about 200 kg of loach can be produced per mu of shrimp ponds, specifications are 120-400 grains/kg, 20 kg of shrimp are produced per mu, specifications are about 10 cm, mu production value is 5000-7000 yuan, profit is 2200-3000 yuan.

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