How Tea Enterprise Advertisements Work

From central media to local media, from traditional media to modern online media, tea companies’ advertising is relatively small in the food industry, because the tea industry can be called a small number of large enterprises, and tea industry operators are generally Advertising lacks sufficient awareness that it is reasonable for advertisements not to attract tea companies. However, in the tea industry where 70,000 tea companies rush to eat in a Chinese market, companies are far from advertising and rely on human resources to sell their products. It is impossible to achieve large enterprises. Looking at the current Chinese market, the top few in each industry ranking. Nothing grew up with advertising. So how long can tea companies stay away from advertising? With the continuous advancing into the tea industry by amateur companies, copying the successful experience of advertising in the foreign industry to the tea industry will become inevitable.

Among the 70,000 tea enterprises, there have been only a handful of advertisements for central media, and few provincial media ads have been invested. Tea companies that use the Internet to advertise are still rare and they have never done any advertising. Tea companies account for the vast majority of the industry. Occasionally, I chatted with a few small tea companies. Whenever I mention advertising problems, I always see the bosses shaking their heads. The bosses think that “to advertise is to build a brand, and to build a brand, you have to put a lot of advertising.” These fees are not affordable for small tea companies, and some even say that “small businesses that do branding are looking for death, and there is not enough spare cash to avoid advertising”. On the other hand, there are also some tea companies who have done advertisements. The effect of advertisements cannot be balanced with the expected value of advertising. “Advertising is just burning money” has precedents that have failed, and thus tea companies are also afraid of advertisements. .

Do tea companies want to advertise? In reality, many people think that “small and medium-sized tea companies don’t want to advertise” because “investment is too large for companies to afford” and “advertising may not be effective”. In short, “SMEs have no money to advertise” And "Advertising does not necessarily reward" is the root cause of tea companies not advertising. Objectively, tea enterprises must advertise. Since the business of selling tea is managed in a corporate manner, traditional methods cannot be used to find consumers and promote products, but to promote brands and promotional products through advertising. Utilizing the breadth of the media's breadth platform affects most people, and this has led to a substantial increase in sales. As for the effectiveness of advertisements, it depends on how companies do it. Advertising is an expression of corporate marketing behavior. The promotion strategy of a company is a good or bad advertisement subject, and the advertisement is a good or bad strategy. The effect is good and bad. Although many companies do advertisements, their advertisements have problems in their strategies. Naturally, advertisements cannot attract the attention and response of consumers after the advertisement is released. Such advertisements naturally have no effect, such as a certain place in Guizhou. The competent government department puts out advertisements in CCTV. The intention is to promote local tea brands, and the advertising theme is not grasped. Naturally, consumers will not be interested in advertisements. Some tea companies think that they have not paid for the advertisement. The reason is undoubtedly. It's bad advertising. Therefore, if you think that you are operating a tea company, you can't leave the advertisement. Instead, you should study how the advertisement should be done. In this regard, Xu Sunxin provides the following suggestions to tea companies:

Every tea company must shape the brand. No matter how small your company is, there is no value for the LOGO that does not shape the image. Therefore, when your tea company is born, you must do some advertising. The advertising to be done during this period is based on the positioning of the company. If you want to expand your business through chain operations, then you are faced with the franchisee you are looking for. Your brand image is already successful and extremely A company with momentum is a company that can lead franchisees to make a fortune, and this image can cause entrepreneurs' interest and attention. Of course, you have to have a business model that is enough for entrepreneurs to be interested. The entrepreneur becomes your franchisee. After the risk is small or even without any risk, and it is easy to make money. If your company is positioning to do direct sales, then your company is facing the consumer, your brand image should be a strong product technology, product quality and cheap, consumer protection companies, consumers buy Your product has many aspects of protection. This brand image has been well-formed to promote through the media <of course, to select the official media>, relying on the credibility of the media to enhance the credibility of advertising. At the same time, according to the size of the market development area of ​​the enterprise, what kind of media should be selected, if the enterprise only wants to be a small-area market, you can choose a strong media in the area. If the company chooses a larger regional market, you must choose the radiation surface. A relatively wide range of higher-level media. This process of branding and advertising is based on the premise of the business model of the company, based on the interests of the targeted people, and stimulates the interest of the targeted people. Therefore, it is often not the work that can be done by the tea companies themselves. Therefore, it is very important for tea companies to seek outside forces.

Only after the tea brand is well-shaped, can marketing promotion be promoted, and advertisements for promotional products can be placed in areas where tea companies sell. This advertisement also has a corresponding premise, that is, whether the tea company's marketing network layout is reasonable, and many tea companies can't afford to advertise in the terminal market. This is because the layout of the marketing network is scarce. In a city of millions of people, tea companies There are only one or two stores, or more than four or five stores, and the cost and sales of advertising can't be balanced. Advertising naturally pays off. When the tea company's marketing network does not spread throughout the province, or tea companies do not immediately develop the province's market expansion layout, it does not need to launch media advertising in the province of radiation, in the face of the national market also must be determined according to the status of the market layout . Therefore, judging from the current status of tea enterprises, many tea companies still do not have the conditions for advertising. That is, the number of stores is too small to distribute in local areas, and it is difficult for advertising investment to form a reasonable ratio from sales. Here is the advertising of traditional media. When tea companies are not suitable for placing traditional media advertisements, they can place advertisements for modern online media because the advertising of online media is very different from traditional media. Internet media has the same strengths as traditional media. Tea companies can detect the flow of online media, and calculate the cost of thousands of advertising fees in combination with the traditional media's advertising fee standards. This makes advertisements relatively reasonable. For promotional advertising, no matter what kind of media tea companies choose, advertising strategy is crucial, how does advertising attract consumers' attention? How to stimulate consumer interest? And how can offline facilitate transactions? All are very particular about strategic work.

The difference between advertising and non-advertising in the marketing of tea enterprises is very large. Traditional practices rely on interpersonal relationships, relying on human sales, and the number of companies that can change consumers is very limited. A tactical advertisement can use the influence of the media. Public credibility, the number of marketing consumers is tens of thousands, the marketing community said that "it is very difficult to change a person, but it is easy to change tens of thousands of people" is this truth. When tea companies do not have advertising, they can not think that they can be permanently insulated from advertising, but should improve the conditions so that the power of advertising can promote the rapid growth of enterprises.

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