How the shut-off valve works

The opening and closing member of the shut-off valve is a plug-shaped valve flap, the sealing surface is flat or tapered, and the valve flap moves linearly along the center line of the fluid.

The movement form of the valve stem (general name: dark rod), also has the lifting rotary rod type, (common name: bright rod) the stop valve refers to the valve that the closing member (valve) moves along the center line of the valve seat.

Depending on the form of movement of the flap, the change in the valve seat opening is proportional to the flap travel. Due to the relatively short opening or closing stroke of the valve stem of this type of valve, and the very reliable cutting function, and because the change of the valve seat opening is proportional to the stroke of the valve flap, it is very suitable for the adjustment of the flow rate.

Therefore, this type of valve is well suited for use as a cut or adjustment and throttling. Stainless steel shut-off valves are mandatory seal valves, so when the valve is closed, pressure must be applied to the valve flap to force the seal face to leak.

When the medium enters the valve from below the valve flap, the resistance to be overcome by the operating force is the friction between the stem and the packing and the thrust generated by the pressure of the medium. The force of closing the valve is greater than the force of opening the valve, so the valve stem The diameter of the stem should be large, otherwise the valve stem can be bent.

In recent years, after the appearance of the self-sealing valve, the medium flow direction of the bellows stop valve is changed from the valve flap to the valve chamber. At this time, under the action of the medium pressure, the force to close the valve is small, and the force of opening the valve is large, the valve is large. The diameter of the rod can be correspondingly reduced.

At the same time, this type of valve is also tight under the action of the medium. China's valve "three-way to give" has stipulated that the flow of the stop valve, all from top to bottom.

This valve should be installed horizontally. When the shut-off valve is opened, the opening height of the valve flap is 25% to 30% of the nominal diameter, and the flow rate has reached the maximum, indicating that the valve has reached the fully open position.

Therefore, the full open position of the shutoff valve should be determined by the stroke of the valve flap.

The shut-off valve, also called the door, is the most widely used type of valve. It is popular because of the small friction between the sealing surfaces during the opening and closing process. It is relatively durable, the opening height is not large, and the manufacturing is easy. Convenient, not only for medium and low pressure, but also for high pressure.

The closing principle of the gas pressure reducing valve is that, relying on the pressure of the valve bar, the valve sealing surface and the valve seat sealing surface expansion sleeve are closely fitted to prevent the medium from circulating.

The shut-off valve allows only one-way flow of the medium and is directional when installed. The structural length of the shut-off valve is larger than that of the gate valve, and the fluid resistance is large. When the machine is operated for a long time, the sealing reliability is not strong.

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