How to add yolk to your baby?

After the baby is born 4 months later, the body's storage of iron from the mother's body has been substantially consumed. Whether it is breast-feeding or artificial feeding, you need to start adding some iron-rich food supplements. One of the more ideal foods. Egg yolk is not only rich in iron, but also contains various nutrients that your baby needs. It is also easier to digest and easy to add.

Adding egg yolks: One way is to cook the eggs first. Be careful not to cook them for too long. It is advisable to freeze the egg yolks. Then remove the yolks, grind them with small spoons, and add them directly to boiled milk. Stir evenly, wait until the milk is cool, and then feed the baby; another way is to remove the yolk directly after the eggs are cooked, add a small amount of milk or broth and mix well, and use a small spoon to feed the baby. The former method can make the baby eat the yolk unconsciously. The latter method may be difficult for some babies who are uncomfortable with the small spoon.

4-6 months baby to add egg yolk should gradually increase the amount, you can first feed a 1/4 of the yolk, if the baby digests well, the stool is normal, no allergies, then you can gradually feed 1/2 , 3/4 egg yolks, until 6 months later you can feed the whole yolk.