How to apply compound fertilizer

First, it is targeted to use, like leafy vegetables, due to its fast growth, high nitrogen, low phosphorus, it is necessary to use high-nitrogen, phosphorus-containing compound fertilizer to use, while fruits and vegetables In the result period, the demand for potassium is greater and the demand for phosphorus is less. The application of compound fertilizer with high potassium and low phosphorus can be used. For the vegetable seedlings now being prepared for the next crop, due to the large demand of phosphorus for the crops at the seedling stage, the compound fertilizer with high phosphorus content can be used as the base fertilizer, and some compound fertilizers with high phosphorus content can be applied in appropriate amount after the planting and easing seedlings. Second, it is to reduce the use of ground facilities. Nitrate and ammonium nitrogen in the compound fertilizer absorbs part of the heat during the dissolution process, which may affect the ground temperature and adversely affect the growth of the crop root system. However, the normal growth of the crop still requires nutrients. Because of the adequate supply, when applying compound fertilizers in winter, it is necessary to reduce the amount of diligent facilities and try to apply them on a sunny morning. Third, it is used with pure biological fertilizers, and it does not contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, such as fertilizer field bio-fertilizer. Pure biofertilizer contains a variety of beneficial bacteria, which can activate and improve soils, and play a role in nitrogen fixation, phosphate release, and potassium release. These bacteria can promote the absorption and utilization of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in crops by crops and make the fertilizer more effective. Get full play. (Hubei Dangyang Agricultural 110 Service Center)

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