How to apply manure fertilizer without pollution?

Fecal urea fertilizer mainly includes human feces and urine, livestock fecal urine and manure, etc. Contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium nutrients and various trace elements and rich organic matter, is the preferred fertilizer for the production of green pollution-free medicinal materials. The scientific application of excreta fertilizer in pharmacy can improve the resistance of herbs, reduce the nitrate content, and improve the quality of herbs. However, it is worth noting that if the manure fertilizer is directly applied to medicinal plants, it will contaminate the medicinal materials and cause the spread of germs. Therefore, it is also necessary to apply manure fertilizer.

1. Treatment before application

In order to effectively kill parasite eggs and infectious pathogens in manure fertilizers, they must be detoxified before application. High-temperature composting methods and septic tank sealing methods are generally used. Poisonous treatment can also be used, ie treatment of fecal urine fertilizers with substances that are toxic to parasites and bacteria, such as formalin 200 ml per 100 kg of manure, storage for 1 day or 50% trichlorfon tablets 2 g storage 2 Day, it can also add 1 kg of urea for 3 days. Where conditions permit, the combination of manure and biogas fermentation can be used. It is best to use organic manure and biogas residues after transformation. Biogas slurry has high fertilizer efficiency and can achieve better ecological and social benefits.

2. The use of ditch, point fertilization

According to the size of the medicinal plants and the soil moisture condition, the application of decomposed fecal urine fertilizer requires dilution of water, ditching or digging a hole for pouring, covering the soil, preventing the loss of fertilizer, and improving the utilization rate of the fecal urine fertilizer. During the seedling period of herbs, topdressing manure fertilizer, the concentration should be dilute and the amount should be less to avoid burning the seedlings. In addition, human urine contains high salt, and it is not appropriate to use chlorine-free medicinal plants such as ginger, turmeric, sand ginger, and amomum in order to avoid affecting product quality.

3. Avoid sewage diluted fertilizer

Some medicine farmers think that sewage has a fertilizer effect. They like to use sewage to pour medicinal materials on urine and feces, which will cause serious pollution of medicinal materials. Because sewage contains a lot of bacteria, eggs, poisons and heavy metal ions, it is easy to induce pests and diseases, cause soil pollution, and even affect the post-season crops. Therefore, no matter whether it is industrial sewage or domestic sewage, it can not be used as medicinal materials for irrigation and fertilizer application of water without harmless treatment.

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