How to correctly purchase packaging inspection equipment such as carton inspection instruments

Carton inspection instrument procurement process:

1. Collect at least three corporate information on professional production testing instruments through networks, newspapers and magazines, exhibitions, relatives and friends;

2. Consult the following questions one by one: The company currently needs to detect which strength tests are detected by the instrument; understand the performance parameters of the testing equipment, after-sales service, and the price of the instrument;

3. Collect the detailed information collected, and combine the actual situation of the enterprise to organize relevant personnel to conduct a comprehensive review to determine the variety and quantity of the current procurement testing instruments. Procurement plans with different priority levels according to the manufacturer;

4. According to the priority level of the procurement plan, and the manufacturer finalizes each clause of the supply and sales contract, including a series of details such as the total amount, payment method, delivery method and time limit;

5. Sign the supply and sales contract and act according to the terms of the contract.

Kunshan Haida Instruments prompts you to pay attention to the following matters:

1. Do not blindly pursue famous brands. You should consider the actual situation of the company and purchase high-precision instruments with less money. Finding a test instrument suitable for your own company not only saves the company's procurement costs, but also indirectly promotes the development of the test instrument industry. With the competition in the market, the products will continue to innovate and improve, thus promoting the continuous development of the testing instrument industry.

2. Priority is given to the professional manufacturer of testing instruments. The advantages are timely delivery, timely maintenance, and reasonable repair fees. The shortcoming is that the payment is more demanding, and most of them are required to be shipped in order to be shipped. Here is how to judge the manufacturer is the real manufacturer, the most effective is the door-to-door inspection, there is no production and processing equipment in the factory area, the transmission of the value can be traced back to the relevant national measurement department; and then by looking at the relevant enterprise documents, Such as business licenses, tax registration certificates, etc.

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