How to Cultivate Large-scale Differentiated Silver Jubilee

In recent years. The market demands more money for Shaoxing fish's specifications. The menu specifications for the dry menu up to 250 have been released. Instead, it is a large-scale commercial fish with a single tail weight of 400 to -k - to develop a large-sized commercial carp. The premise is that there are several key measures that must be cultivated for large-scale heterotrophic silver fish. Selecting fry for raising summer flowers must use genuine Heilongjiang Founder as female parent. Jiangxi rejuvenates the red father as its father. The mother size is above 400 grams. The parent size should be selected before April 20th when the fry time is more than 1 kg (referring to the Yangtze River Valley). Xiahua Jinpai guarantee will be completed by the end of May. 2. Suitable for all kinds of rare stocking to reduce the breeding of a species of fish can be put acres of silver fine summer flowers 4000 - 5000. Postponed the stocking time of the fish. In order to reduce stocking species, the common breeding fish species of the common raising silver carp is only required to put 2000 flowers per mu, and the stocking time should be postponed to August 10th: In addition. According to the condition of the cultivator, a small amount (500 fish/mu) of grass can be cultivated. Such a stocking method can produce 80 to 10 fine fish species. 3. Strengthen the management of the rearing and management of fry and summer flower ponds. Feed the protein foods with high protein content to prevent fish diseases. Guarantee the quality of water, fertilizer, live, tender and cool; Winter is coming. As long as the fish pond is not technical; wood; East sealed. Both should be fed a small amount of bait every other day to ensure that the winter fish species fall out.

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