How to cultivate white dew onions

1, planting time white dew to autumn seeding. Our province sowed around August 20 and emerged in early September. yTG Corn Seed Forum

2, select the good species selection Zhangqiu, marine green onions and so on. yTG Corn Seed Forum

3, choose to sip green scallions should not smash, choose 3-4 years did not plant onions, leeks, garlic class plots. Take wheat, corn, potatoes, and other crops as good forerunner, and sandy loam or loam as well. yTG Corn Seed Forum

4. After the soil preparation has been selected and the cornices have been picked, carry out the autumn turning and ploughing to reach pine, flat, fine, and crushed soil. Combining 3,500-4,500 kilograms of high-quality farmyard manure with adequate Mushi soil preparation, it can be applied to close planting or flat cropping for dense planting, and it can also be used for ridge cultivation. When sowing is generally about 10 cm wide, ditch depth 3-4 cm is appropriate. Mu 3 - 3.5 kg sowing, can plant 6-7 acres in the following year. When the soil is dry after sowing, water can be poured once to ensure full seedlings. After sowing, weeds can be sprayed with 500 grams of acre per acre, add 75 kg of water, and spray on the surface of sorghum or ridge to eliminate weeds. yTG Corn Seed Forum

5, pouring frozen water can prevent freezing and dead seedlings. Qiu Miao up to 3 true leaves, seedlings about 10 cm high, around the snow before and after pouring frozen water, and combined with fertilization once dilute feces to increase the temperature, and then cover a layer of raw manure to ensure safe winter. Conditional areas can be windproof barriers to facilitate the return of seedlings to young crops.

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