How to cut and rejuvenate mountain eggplant

Eggplant is a thermophilic crop, which is more resistant to high temperatures. The suitable temperature for the result is 25-30°C. Lin'an is located in the northwestern Zhejiang province, with excellent ecological environment and abundant agricultural resources. It can supply 20,000 tons of high-quality eggplant to Shanghai and Hangzhou markets. In recent years, the Lin’an Agricultural Technology Promotion Center uses the eggplant's ability to regenerate and recover quickly on the basis of open-air cultivation in an area 200-400 meters above sea level. In the summer and autumn, high-temperature, high-humidity and frequent occurrence of diseases and insect pests, the implementation of mountain pruning and rejuvenation of eggplants After the technology enters late summer and early fall, eggplant quickly resumes growth and development, effectively increasing the yield and quality, and extending the cultivation period, avoiding the peak time for the listing of mountain eggplants and enabling the products to be listed in the off-season in summer and autumn. Has achieved good economic and social benefits. The eggplant yield per mu is more than 6,000 kilograms and the output value is up to 15,000 yuan.

1. Pruning and picking the leaves: Using the double dry pruning, after the door eggplant sits steady, the lower axillary buds are wiped off, and then the lower axillary buds are wiped off after the eggplant blossoms, only the two main branches upwards are reserved. After the plants are ridged, the old leaves, diseased leaves and yellow leaves on the branches are promptly removed. The 8-9th fruit is picked up in a timely manner, and the branches and leaves are cleaned to facilitate ventilation and light transmission, reduce the spread of diseases and insect pests, concentrate nutrients, and promote The fruit is quickly colored and matured.

II. Pruning: Pruning in the middle and late stages of the fruit growth of Bazhongfeng, and grasping the weather in the initial period, that is, within 1 week before and after July 20th, select sunny days before 10:00 and after 16:00 or On a cloudy day, 3-5 cm tips are retained on the first and second lateral branches. If conditions are available, use wax to seal and cut the mouth, clean the ground branches and burn them at the same time. After the pruning, the semi-groove water irrigation was conducted and the row was filled at night to keep the eggplant field moist.

3. Post-cut management: After pruning, the axillary buds germinate and begin to grow in the first 2-3 days. The 50% carbendazim wettable powder 500 times, or 77% (copper hydroxide) wettable, should be promptly used. Powder 1500 times liquid spray 2-3 times, prevention and treatment of new leaf surface disease, and at the same time pay attention to control of aphids. Because pruning stimulation often causes excessive sprouting of axillary buds, 5-7 days after cutting, when the new shoot grows to about 10 cm, excess axillary buds should be wiped out in time, and only 1-2 new shoots are kept in each side branch. Later, it will be transferred to conventional management.

35-40 days after planting eggplant, or 25 days after pruning can be harvested, when the eggplant eyes white or light green ring zone is not obvious, the fruit is intrinsic color of the species, soft and sticky feeling when the harvest is appropriate. The output per acre can reach 2900 kilograms in the early stage, and the output can reach 3200 kilograms in the later period, with a total output of more than 6,000 kilograms. Picking fruit should be selected in the morning, when the eggplant is fullest and the luster is the brightest. Listed packaging should be classified before shipment, and high quality and high prices should be implemented.

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