How to Develop a Robust Papaya Seedling

In Guangzhou, papaya seedlings are mainly planted in autumn and winter. In order to cultivate strong seedlings, the key is to do a good job of preventing cold, pests and insects, and hardening seedlings, and strengthen fertilizer and water management.

General plastic nutrition bag seedlings, nutrition bag size is 20 cm high and 15 cm wide. The composition of the nutrient soil is 9 pond muds and 1 rotten poultry manure. Mix well and fill in the nutrition bag. Put 2-3 papaya seeds per bag. If you want to save the seeds, you can let the seeds be placed under 32-35 °C heat and moisturizing, germination treatment, germination, put a seed in each nutrition bag. The general sowing should not be too deep, after sowing can be covered with a layer of soil. When the melon seedlings are unearthed, they can be covered with a layer of landfilled soil mixed with garbage and decomposed pig cow dung. The soil is kept moist and sprayed with 1000-fold thiophanate-methyl or 300-fold colloidal sulfur. The spray is sprayed every 10 days for a total of 2 sprays. 3 times to reduce the incidence of disease. When 2-3 true leaves appear, reduce the frequency of watering properly, promote root growth, and apply water and fertilizer once every 10 days, such as 10 times diluted urine water.

Because of the nursery in autumn and winter, we must do a good job of cold protection. General cover plastic film to prevent cold, requires the temperature within the shed is not higher than 35 °C, not less than 5 °C. When the temperature is too high during the daytime, the film must be lifted to receive the sunlight and cool the heat, and at the same time, cover the film to prevent cold. When the seedlings grow five true leaves, and the night temperature is not lower than 8 °C, it is necessary to pay attention to refining the seedlings, which is gradually opening the film, less fertilizer and less water, so that the seedlings dwarf, developed roots. When the seedlings reach about 20 centimeters, they can leave the garden.

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