How to do oil leakage in agricultural machinery?

In normal work, once the tractor is exposed to oil, it will not only affect work but also cause waste. The current daily agricultural technology will mainly introduce you to the removal of some tractor oil problems.

1. The shaft leaks oil. The rotary shaft includes a starter shift lever shaft and a clutch handle shaft and an engine relief shaft. If the shaft and the hole are worn out, the starter shift lever shaft and the clutch handle shaft can be driven out of the sealing ring groove on the lathe. At this time, only the corresponding size of the seal apron can be installed. If the aging of the apron due to the decompression shaft fails, replace the new apron.

2. Switch oil leak. Including water valves, tank switches, and petrol switches. If the ball valve wears or rust leaks, the rust between the ball valve and the seat hole should be removed and a suitable steel ball should be used instead. If the packing and fastening threads are damaged, the fasteners should be repaired or replaced and the packing replaced. If the conical joint surface is not tight, it can be ground with fine valve sand and oil.

3. Pipe joints leak oil. Pipe joints include two major categories of cone-joint and hollow-bolt pipe joints. Cone-joint pipe joints include pipe joints at both ends of the pressure gauge, one end of the gasoline pipe, two ends of the high-pressure fuel pipe, and the coarse fuel filter to the end of the fuel pump. If it is deformed or cracked due to wear of high-pressure tubing fittings, it can be sawn off and replaced with a good one. If the connector of the low-pressure fuel pipe is damaged, the bell mouth can be sawed out and the bell mouth can be made again. If the thread is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced with a new one. Hollow bolt fittings include coarse fuel, fine filters, and low-pressure fuel injection fittings for injection pumps. If the gasket is damaged or the assembly is uneven, use a plastic gasket, or use a flat file, or use sandpaper to flatten it. Severely, the milling machine can be used for milling. If there is a pull mark on the assembly plane of the pipe joint, the joint assembly plane and gasket can be ground with fine sandpaper or using oilstone. If there is any foreign matter on the mating surface, the machine body should be cleaned during assembly and the joint fixing bolt should be evenly tightened.

4. Oil plug leaks. Plug oil plugging oil includes cone plugging, plugging and process plugging. If the oil plug screw is damaged or unqualified, it should be replaced with a new one; if the screw thread is damaged, the size of the screw hole can be increased and the new oil plug can be fitted; if the taper plug wears out, tapping can be changed to flat after tapping. Plug, then add pad for reuse.

5. Joints leak oil. Plane seams include two planes sealed with paper pads, asbestos pads, and cork. If the contact surface is uneven or there are grooves or burrs on the contact surface, according to the degree of unevenness of the contact surface, the use of assorted files, fine sandpaper, or oil stone, can be used to flatten the machine. In addition, the assembled gaskets must be qualified and cleaned at the same time. If the bolt is loose, tighten the fixing bolts.

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