How to eat persimmon in autumn is the best?

Persimmons are sweet and delicious, and they have high nutritional value. They contain about 1 to 2 times more vitamins and sugars than ordinary fruits. Persimmon fruit also contains inorganic salts, minerals and flavonoids.

The nutritional value and efficacy of "fresh persimmon"

Sweet, astringent, cool, with heat and lungs, thirst, spleen and stomach and other effects. "Compendium of Materia Medica," said: "Persimmon is the fruit of spleen and lung blood. Its sweet and flat, astringent and able to income, it is the spleen, astringent intestines, cure phlegm, bleeding function." Fresh persimmon raw food can be Treatment of hyperthermic dry cough, hemoptysis, hemorrhoids hemorrhage; fresh persimmon smashed juice, warm boiled water, can cure goiter; immature fresh persimmon 250 grams, chopped juice, boiled water, can treat stomach pain Thirsty.

"Persimmon" nutritional value and efficacy

Sweet, flat, with lungs, astringent intestines, bleeding and other effects. Persimmon cake burning carbon deposit, and honey for the pill, hot water delivery service, can cure cough and excessive postpartum hemorrhage; persimmon 60 grams, dig open into the Fritillaria 9 grams, after taking steamed, can cure dry cough; dried persimmons , 50 grams of brown sugar, black fungus 6 grams, Shuijianbi can cure hemorrhoids bleeding; two persimmon, dried tangerine peel two, 60 grams of rice, a total of porridge taking, can cure chronic enteritis.

"Ki Shi Cream" nutritional value and efficacy

That is, the white cream formed on the dried persimmons is sweet, cool, and has the effects of clearing away heat and producing lung, relieving cough and so on. "Medical Participation in the West Record" cloud: "Persimmon cream into the lungs after the color, the slide can also benefit the lung phlegm, the Run can also Zifei dry." Persimmon cream warm water service, can cure chronic bronchitis, dry cough, pharyngitis ; 10 grams of persimmon cream, 0.5 grams of borneol, mint 5 grams of research fine, rubbed the affected area, can cure aphthous, angular cheilitis.

"Dioscorea" nutritional value and efficacy

Fresh persimmon leaves open blisters on behalf of the tea, can soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, and have a role in heat and stomach, to help digestion.

"Shidi" nutritional value and efficacy

That is, the persimmon's fruit pedicle, bitter and tepid, good to fall against the gas, so far special drugs, stomach cold reversal, often with cloves, ginger with the use; stomach heat hiccup, often with Zhuru, meteorite use.

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