How to feed special wild boars

Many people say that adding the medicine to the feed does not eat the special wild boar at all. This is very helpless. To this end, the author's special skills for feeding special wild boars are described below:

Special wild boars are particularly sensitive to the sense of smell and are particularly sensitive to drugs. In particular, wild boars and special wild boars of higher purity are more sensitive to the odor and taste of drugs. Therefore, when choosing medicines, it is best to choose medicines with small medicinal properties and small dosages.

When using a single medication, the medicine can be mixed in a small amount of fine material. Generally, about one-fifth of the normal amount of feed is used. When the pig finishes the medicine, two-thirds of the normal amount is fed. Do not feed and lay the foundation for the next meal. If you feed your baby once a day, you can choose to feed at night because special wild boars eat too much at night; if you feed twice a day, you can feed them once in the morning and evening, and do not feed at noon, but make sure you drink enough water.

When large groups of medications are used, the feed intake of pigs varies, and if the intake is small, the dosage will be insufficient. Therefore, when mixing medicines in feed, double the dosage according to the instructions of the medicines. When feeding the feed, reduce the amount of feed by normal. Half-feed, this will not only ensure that the pigs finish the meal, but also meet the pig's dosage. For pigs with a particularly high feed intake, some non-medicated feeds can be fed separately.

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