How to foster a rabbit

If the female rabbit has too much calving at one time, a portion of the pups can be fostered in a litter of fewer litters. When fostering, the urine of the breeding mother rabbit should be applied to the young rabbit, or the two litter young rabbits should be mixed together for 2-3 hours before feeding, and the female rabbit can not smell any odor. When fostering, it is important to note that: First, the date of birth of the two nest litters in foster care and foster care should be as close as possible, with a maximum of no more than five days apart. Second, the size of the foster and fostered pups should be uniform and uniform. Third, if there are more females that can be fostered, mothers with good motherhood and enough milk should be chosen to foster them; when fostering, they must make records and pay attention to marking the foster rabbits.

If there are fewer females that have recently been produced and no foster females can be found, the pups can be divided equally into two litters and fed separately. The nutrition of female rabbits fed twice must be kept up to prevent malnutrition and lack of milk. Artificial feeding must pay attention to insulation, banned feeding cold milk. If fresh goat milk or milk is fed directly, but it is necessary to ensure that the milk quality is fresh, we must pay attention to aseptic operations to prevent bacteria from contaminating milk during feeding.

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