How to grow ginger

Apply base fertilizer, scientific fertilizer.
Ginger is more resistant to fertilizers and has a long growing period. It should adopt the principle of applying base fertilizer and multiple fertilizers. Apply 1,500-2,500 kg of pig dung per acre and 10-15 kg of potash as base fertilizer. Topdressing should be applied thinly, from light to strong. When the seedling height is 15 centimeters, a thin fertilizer is applied, and the seedling height is 30 centimeters to catch the second fertilizer. After every 20 days or so, top dressing is applied. Nitrogen fertilizer is the main seedling stage, and more potassium fertilizer should be applied during rhizome expansion.

Shade cools and promotes growth.
Ginger is a negative-tolerant plant that is not resistant to high temperatures and light, and scattered light is good for growth. Therefore, shading should be performed during summer growth to promote growth. There are many methods of shading, which can be used in intercropping with crops such as wax gourd, kucah, and taro to make use of the shading of these crops. Cool shades can also be used for shading.

Drought prevention, timely earth training.
Ginger is not tolerant of drought and is not resistant to moisture. It requires strict moisture. It is advisable to keep the soil moist during the growing season. During the high temperature in summer, it is necessary to water and cool in time, and it is better to water early and late. In the rainy days, the water in the fields should be eliminated in time to reduce the occurrence of ginger borer. The growth of ginger rhizomes requires a dark and moist environment. With the upward growth of rhizomes, the rhizomes are easily exposed to the ground, and the epidermis becomes thicker and the quality deteriorates. Therefore, earthing should be carried out. Generally about three times.

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