How to heat black pepper sauce stir fry pan?

Black pepper sauce is very white, not only can be used in traditional Western food such as steak sauce, pasta, but also can participate in Chinese cuisine such as fried scallions, fried prawns, fried beef, etc., even if you are a otaku or Slacker, it’s okay to do Chinese-style noodles directly. There are also many ways to heat the black pepper stir fry pan, the black pepper sauce wok, and the automatic stir-fry machine.

Electromagnetically heated black pepper sauce stir fry pan:

Electric heat transfer oil heated black pepper sauce stir fry pan:

Gas black pepper sauce stir fry pan:

Scope of application:

Black pepper and pepper sauce wok is widely used in moon cake filling, bean paste lotus jam filling, black pepper fresh pepper sauce wok, hot pot bottom material, instant noodle sauce, chili sauce, fragrant sauce and other sauces. Stir and heat to fry. The whole pot is automatically tilted and turned out through the worm wheel and the worm, which is safe, stable and reliable.

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