How to improve the herbicide effect

In recent years, the popularization and use of chemical herbicides has developed rapidly and it has been welcomed by farmers. However, at present, there are many varieties of herbicides, high technical requirements, and some carelessness in the application, there will be problems such as harm of phytotoxicity and poor weed control. Therefore, how to choose the herbicide variety on the road and master the use technology is the key to improving herbicide herbicide efficacy.

First, the correct choice of herbicides Each herbicide has a certain degree of weed killing, there are genital, selective. For example, Gramoxone can kill all the green plants, and wild barley only controls wild oats. Yunonong can kill almost all weeds and crops except corn. Another example is tribenuron-methyl, thrips in control of broad-leaved weeds and gramineous weeds in wheat fields, and it is also safe for wheat. If used in rapeseeds, beans, etc., it will kill crops. Another example is the use of canola, peanuts, soybeans and other broad-leaved crops. If it is used in wheat fields, it will produce phytotoxicity. Therefore, we must first select effective herbicides based on the crop species and the main varieties of weeds. Second, herbicides should be selected according to the farming system. Such as superstars, dimethyl tetrachlorine, humican, etc., can be used in a variety of planting systems weeding, but chlorsulfuron, metsulfuron, etc., can only be used in the wheat field under the rice-wheat rotation system, if the post-corner is corn, soybean And so on, there will be different symptoms of phytotoxicity. In addition, we must pay attention to mixing and alternation herbicides. Because the same kind of herbicides are used for many years continuously, the susceptible weeds are gradually reduced, and the resistance to weeds is increased. Therefore, herbicides must be mixed and used alternately each year to achieve long-term control of weeds.

Second, choose the best period of application According to the nature of herbicides, weeds, weeds and crop growth period, select the appropriate period of use. There are many types of herbicides, including stem and leaf treatment agents, soil treatment agents, contact-killing herbicides, and herbicides. Some of them are suitable for pre-emergence weed control and others are suitable for weed control of stems and leaves. Soil treatment is the direct spraying of herbicides on the soil to kill just-grown weeds. If dole, acetochlor, etc., should be used before the weeds are unearthed after the sowing of the crops. When the weeds are applied after the emergence of the weeds, not only the effect is poor, but also some of them will injure the crops. Stem and leaf herbicides at the seedling stage should be used at the sensitive stage of weeds (before the second leaf stage) and when the crops have strong drug resistance (after two leaves and one heart). For example, in the field of wheat seedlings, weed herbicides are used in most grassy weeds in the period from the first leaf to the second leaf stage, and broadleaf weeds are used before the second leaf stage. For example, when paddy fields are dominated by grasses, cattle blankets, and dwarves, weeding should be applied 4 to 6 days after weeding (weeds germination stage); if we focus on controlling weeds like Tianzi Cai, Tian Ziping, etc. After 10-15 days (the basic out of the weeds) application is appropriate.

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