How to maintain and maintain the Lit meat sausage smoker

The smoked furnace adopts 304 stainless steel structure, which has the functions of baking, smoking, drying, cooking, cleaning, etc. Users can select reasonable process procedures according to different requirements of product processing technology to achieve the purpose of curing and sterilization. Programmable control, easy to operate. The three processes of drying, cooking and smoking can be automatically converted according to the set time. The temperature is automatically adjusted according to the set value, and the process is automatically displayed. The main circulation fan delivers air evenly, so that the temperature inside the furnace is uniform. The machine is specially made of double-layer stainless steel. The radiator heats up the furnace temperature quickly and the drying effect is excellent. At present, the domestic related products use coiled radiators, and the heating effect of the two is incomparable. It is equipped with spray and cleaning functions. It adopts the setting parameter method and has wide versatility. The parameters in automatic operation can be corrected.


After use, please clean the furnace, check the working condition of the motor frequently, and check the opening degree of the solenoid valve frequently. After use, the furnace body should be cleaned to check whether the line is normal.


When the hot air temperature is low, check if the steam trap is damaged and if the pipe leaks.

When the hot air and cooking temperature do not rise, check the electric heating pipe and steam source.

When the temperature is too high, check the upper and lower temperatures and readjust the temperature. Check the steaming time.

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