How to make humic acid fertilizer?

(1) Manufacture of ammonium humate: Generally, it is manufactured by direct ammoniation. the way is:
Ammonia or ammonium bicarbonate is used to directly react with the raw materials to convert the humic acid into soluble ammonium humate. This method is suitable for raw materials with high humic acid content (above 30%) and low calcium and magnesium content (less than 2%). Its manufacturing process is roughly:
Baking or baking 40 holes sieve plus ammonia 7-8 days raw materials ------- drying ------- pulverization ------- ammonia ------ - stacking maturation - ------ Into the mouth, first spread the raw material powder evenly on the concrete floor, mix the ammonia with water, and add the appropriate amount of water (30-40% of the weight of the raw material). That is, it is divided into degrees. The material is then sealed in a plastic bag or in a large cylinder or tightly sealed with a plastic film. After 7-8 days, the finished product is ammonium humate. Amount of ammonia should be appropriate, insufficient ammonia, less ammonium humate, too much ammonia to cause ammonia volatilization loss, too much water physical properties. The amount of ammonia added is mainly calculated based on the humic acid content in the raw material. Generally refer to the following table plus ammonia: (table)

Humic acid content 20 30 40 50
100% raw material plus 15%
The amount of ammonia (kg) 7-9 10-15 15-20 20-25

If there is no analysis data, the following simple method can be used to determine the amount of ammonia. Weigh 20 grams of raw materials into 4 cups, and then add the amount of ammonia according to 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, 1/12 of the weight of the raw materials. Add a small amount of water to make the raw material saturated with water. Cover it immediately after mixing. After half an hour, the pH of each cup was measured with an acid-base indicator, and pH 8-9 was an appropriate amount of ammonia, and ammonia was added at this ratio in large quantities.
When ammonia is not available, 75%-75% of ammonium bicarbonate equivalent to 15% ammonia can be used instead. If ammonia is needed for 100 kilograms, then 70-75 kilograms of ammonium bicarbonate can be used. Mix well with raw material powder.
(2) Production of Humic Phosphorus and Ammonium Humic Phosphorus: Humic Acid Phosphate fertilizer is produced by using peat powder or pulverized coal and a combination of quick-acting phosphate fertilizers. The method is: dry pulverized or lignite, over 40 sieve, per 100 kg of raw powder plus superphosphate 15 ~ 20 kg, add 30 kg of water and mix evenly, stacking 7 to 10 days Serve. Ammonium humate is prepared by mixing raw coal powder with ammonium bicarbonate and superphosphate. The method is: raw material powder (containing 20% ​​humic acid), 8 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, 10 kg of superphosphate per 100 kg of crushed 40-mesh sieve, plus weight of water, 7-10 days of stacking .
(3) Production of nitroammonium humate: Raw materials: peat, lignite, nitric acid with a concentration of about 40%, and ammonia water with a concentration of about 15%.
Matching ratio: raw coal: nitric acid (40%)=1:0.20-0.25
Nitric acid humic acid (crude): Ammonia water (15%) = 1:0.1-0.2.
Reaction conditions: Raw coal particle size is less than 0.18 mm; nitric acid oxidation reaction temperature is 85-90 degrees Celsius, time is 5-6 minutes; ammoniation reaction temperature is 70-85 degrees Celsius, time 4-6 minutes.
Manufacturing process: After the raw materials are crushed and sifted, they are placed in an oxidative cracker, and 40% nitric acid is added in proportion to the nitrification reaction. After the reaction is completed, the dry comminution is crude nitrohumic acid. Then it was loaded into an oxidizer and ammonium hydroxide was added in proportion to 15% of ammonia. After the reaction, ammonium nitrohumamate was used.

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